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Letters to the editor July 7

Uneducated populace falls for craven lies

The present off-the-chart conservative hysteria helping to spiral Nevada to a level below mediocrity is a major concern for those of us knowing the value of education. Selective memories and mass amnesia about the Bush/-Republican-controlled government, and the present anti-tax, anti-government factions pose huge obstacles for the future of our children.

So why don’t we just connect the dots … Nevada is at the bottom of the barrel in terms of educational achievement. Dead last in high-school dropout rates. Dead last in teenage pregnancy. We’re lower than Appalachian “Deliverance” areas. No surprise then when statistics prove we’re at the bottom in funding per student. 

Let’s keep connecting the dots. Less educated people earn less money. They pay less taxes. Communities suffer in quality-of-life issues. This fact is not a secret. It’s a tragedy. Connect the dots again. An elementary deduction would likely prove that less educated people do less reading and researching and more watching and listening. And it’s pretty hard not to hear the incessant drumbeat of lies and hate spewed out by the likes of Limbaugh, Beck and Palin as they try to “educate” the masses. 

Having a lack of education is not a shame. But what is a shame is being part of a movement that seriously wants to cripple the avenues for those who aspire to elevate themselves through higher learning. If we fail at producing an educated and informed populace, then the rich, greedy and selfish will surely rule.

Rick Van Alfen

Carson City