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Letters to the editor July 9

Time to put prejudice aside, for nation’s sake

What is wrong with the Tea Party and others who have decided out of the blue that President Obama is to blame for everything when it was the Republican Party that put everything in a mess that our new president had to walk into?

The world is in a mess because of greed and prejudice – and I’m not talking just about the differences in the color of our skin. I was raised with prejudice, and I didn’t like it from my parents.

I am so sorry our president deals with this from our rich leaders who think keeping the rich richer and the poor poorer is the only way to live. I know they don’t come out and say it, but they fight him on every issue, which is the same thing.

I hope the Republicans start to realize that it is time for change not only for us here in America, but for the whole world.

Janice Johnson


Angle, Reid: Stick to the issues, please

It has been a month since the primary elections, and after watching political ads on TV, I have come to the conclusion that trash politics is upon us again. Politicians cannot stick with the issues but seem to trash everyone else. To some of us, it is a turnoff, and to them it is nothing more than a game.

Sharron Angle is a conservative and right wing, OK, that is her position. Harry Reid is a liberal left-wing supporting the Obama agenda, and that is his position, even though he tries to make you think otherwise. Harry, we are not stupid.

He is as much left as Sharron is right, so what is the problem? To me it is not an issue. What is an issue: unemployment, Afghanistan, economy, national debt, Gulf oil spill, immigration, cap and trade and a health care plan that was shoved down our throats. Those are issues, not what she said or he said. We are looking for answers to these and they do not seem to be addressed. For the candidates, grow up and address the issues; Obama can’t, he is just a public relation gimmick.

As far as our governor’s race goes, Rory, your last name is Reid and I do believe it is on your birth certificate. We know who you are. We also know the nut does not fall that far from the tree. You cannot beat your Republican opponent, so don’t try.

Bill Pyatt