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Letters to the Editor: June 16

As I was reading today’s Nevada Appeal, a thought passed through my head: Wouldn’t it be better if Carson City’s city manager lived within the city limits so he could “enjoy” paying the tax and fee increases the city is nonchalantly passing through to its citizens?

To the supervisors: Maybe a policy requiring senior city employees to live within the city limits is in order.

Chet Alexander

Carson City

When I was in college, I was your typical impressionable youth. How many times was I overly impressed with the intellectual aura of an instructor – too many?

I can recall thinking, “Boy, Professor Loquacious would make a great governor or senator.” I wasn’t into my business career very long when I started to realize the absurdity of such thinking.

In the July 8 issue of the Appeal, in Prof. Elliott Parker’s editorial on the showdown over the debt, he writes, “Congress is responsible for passing the budget, and it is disingenuous to authorize certain expenditures, refuse to levy enough taxes to pay for them, and then refuse to borrow to cover the difference.”

It is the flagrant authorization of certain expenditures by Congress that has buried us in terrifying debt. In the private sector, the authorization of certain expenditures by company financial officers gets them fired.

Half a century ago, my father told me this about money: “They say you can’t take it with you. You aren’t going anywhere without it.”

Where are we going from here?

James Cain


In response to Will Gilliam’s letter about bicyclists running amok, I ride my bike to work, errands and appointments year around, weather allowing. I ride for fun, for health and to save gas.

My life depends upon my riding safely. I wear a helmet and ride in the bike lane when available, which actually is not usually the case. We have a few short pedestrian/bike paths and scattered intermittent bike lanes alongside traffic, separated from speeding one-ton vehicles by a magic strip of paint.

I would love to be able to reach all my destinations by bike path and not be forced to ride with motorized vehicles. But I also pay for these lanes and the roads, with my tax dollars. I would like all motorists to be held to the same standard as you expect of bicyclists – I do not talk on my phone, apply makeup, read the paper, hold my dog in my lap, drink coffee, mess with my stereo or carry on conversations with passengers. I do not ride while intoxicated, and I don’t ram deputies with my bike.

This weekend riding on Silver Sage, I was forced out of the bike lane into traffic because several vehicles were parked in this lane, even though the entire block is posted “No Parking.”

Obviously, motorists run amok as well. Most motorists are courteous, and I thank all of you for safely sharing the road with me. Dust off your old bikes and enjoy this weather.

Andrea Minor

Carson City