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Letters to the Editor March 12

DMV, have you no sense of decency?

Regarding the DMV fine assessment of $160 against Carson business owner Willi Ruppel’s 21 cent error – tell me I read it wrong.

Has DMV taken leave of their senses? Willi is my next door neighbor and I’ll tell you, DMV, you couldn’t find a more honest, nicer businessman than Mr. Ruppel.

An example of who Willi is: I am a senior citizen, and one day, the snow was so high in my driveway I was literally marooned. Then, out of the blue, Mr. Ruppel showed up with his tractor with snow plow attachment and cleared out the approximately 3-foot high snow all the way to the highway.

DMV, I’ll gladly send you those few pennies – just call me any time. It appears someone is surely joking.

Rose Lynn Mangan

Carson City

Let sex offenders, like Garrido, rot in prison

It is an absolute outrage that sex offenders are paroled or their sentences are shortened at all – like the guy with all that child pornography, or Phillip Garrido, and especially the waste of space in San Diego who ended up murdering that 17-year-old girl Chelsea (King) who was jogging. He was let out against the recommendation of his psychiatrist.

Please, if they are not going to put this vile, odious scum of the earth to death, at least put him in the general population of the prison – not his own little cell, protected from people who don’t look so kindly on sex offenders.

Lynnea Malone

Carson City

Can’t sheriff come up with better ideas?

I understand that the city of Carson is in a budget crunch like the rest of us. But why is it that they are willing to sacrifice our safety for it? During a meeting with the city, Sheriff Furlong was asked to come up with cuts. He said that he is willing to purchase cheaper copier paper, cut 13 deputies and 10 civilians.

Is that the only thing that he can come up with? So Furlong is relating our safety to that of a piece of paper. These deputies are willing to wear a bullet-proof vest and risk their lives for us every day.

Why doesn’t the media ask the deputies what they think? I am sure if we just asked them, they could come up with ideas to save money. Sheriff Furlong, I am sure you have a department vehicle you take home every day. Why not place that in the cuts?

People, wake up. This is an election year, and your sheriff is willing to put a price on your safety, and it is that of copy paper. Remember this when you go to vote. And don’t be surprised if Furlong comes out making himself look like a hero. I am sure that is his whole plan anyway.

Chrystal Larson


Carson jail a well-run operation

I recently had a chance to take a tour of the Carson City Jail complex on a 4 p.m. to 12 a.m. shift. We visited the kitchen, the padded holding cell, the control center, the booking area and even a typical cell. I was very impressed at how clean the facility was.

I was also impressed that the jail was being run with such a low level of manpower. When we were touring, there were over 160 inmates on site, and yet everything appeared calm and in control. Hats off to all of the staff and to the sheriff for running such a smooth operation.

Richard Courtney

Carson City

Senior volunteers ready, willing to serve

There are many seniors in Nevada who could help the government – city and state – in some type of minor work that could be done part time. Most of these folks are retired and would require no pay to file or do other jobs that would not cause salaried people to be laid off.

There is a lot of talent going to waste, and it could be available if only someone would ask. Give it a try.

Bill Beil

Carson City

How many feds does it take to close one bank?

Does anyone else wonder why it took 65 federal employees (FDIC) to close the Carson River Bank in Douglas County that Friday afternoon, reported in the March 6 business section of the Nevada Appeal?

There were 65 round-trip airline tickets – or maybe a private jet – 65 hotel accommodations in Reno, how many rental cars to transport 65 of them to the bank and back to Reno, and who knows how many meals were involved?

Can you spell overkill?

Karen Rosson