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Letters to the Editor March 13

Cut the shenanigans, pass health care overhaul bill

As one of the 30 million Americans without health insurance – denied due to a pre-existing condition – all of this political wrangling is making me sick, figuratively and literally. With one side spreading lies, perpetuating myths, and using focus-group-derived buzz words like government takeover and socialism to scare and mislead, and the other side trading their votes for sweetheart deals for their constituencies, it is no wonder that polls show that a majority of Americans are against something that is, in essence, in their own best interest.

One side wants to kill the bill at any cost even if, or more cynically, because it contains a lot of decent policy that will actually be good for the American people and thus expose their opposition as purely political.

The other side needs to push this through or risk all other initiatives on their agenda. When such high stakes are placed on ideology and party affiliations, and one side needs to make sure that their team wins and the other team loses, the American people are the real losers.

I urge our leaders in D.C. to put all of this nonsense behind them and get to work on the serious issues that affect all Americans. Bills have already passed the House and Senate with a majority and super-majority, respectively. Let’s throw out the sweetheart deals, square the language, and merge them into something the president can sign into law, and move on.

Alan Anderson

Carson City

We need to take care of our own first

While it is fine, noble and Christian to support the poor, it seems just plain stupid to me to do so while your own families are losing their homes, their jobs and education availabilities for their children. I was always taught family first then others.

I for one do not want to hear any more about how Nevada is financially in the hole while dishing out millions to non-citizens. That is insane. Of course we could always raise taxes and become bankrupt like California. What a great idea.

Robert M. Hellen, Sr.

Carson City

UNR faces difficult choices with closures

The announcement last week (regarding UNR closing the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources) was the start of a public process of curricular review. A campus decision will be made by May 14 and campus recommendation will go to the full board at its June 3 meeting.

The proposal is to close CABNR, but only the departments of Animal Science and Resource Economics would be closed. All other programs would move to the College of Sciences and the Experiment Station, and Cooperative Extension would move under the vice president for research.

These are very difficult budget times and we are not anticipating a turnaround in campus funding until the 2014-15 time frame. We are working at the system level to lower the amount of overall cuts each campus will have to take in the hopes of preserving programs.

Jason Geddes

Board of Regents