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Letters to the editor March 16

No excuse for late newspaper delivery

Claiming the time change as a reason for being late with a Sunday paper is really similar to “my dog ate my homework.”

You actually say that you need a raise in rate. If I did that in my job, how many times could I get away with that and ask for a rate increase? Time change is known before calenders are printed. No excuses please, just better service!

Glenn Logue


Questions need answering before converting Carson St.

Converting Carson Street from 4 lanes to 2 lanes to provide a limited number of on-street parking spaces is a stupid idea.

I believe only those businesses that cater to the “quick in and quick out” type of customer would truly benefit from on-street parking. To support that type of customer, the on-street parking spaces would have to metered to limit the amount of time users occupy a given space so that the spaces are available to the “quick in and quick out” customer. The cost of installing and servicing the meters would add to the cost of the project. There would be some payback from parking fees but the cost to park may cause many to not use the spaces, causing the spaces to be underutilized.

How many of the added parking spaces will be required to be handicap spaces? One per block per side? Two? More? How would that requirement reduce the total number of spaces to be provided? Adding handicap spaces would also require the addition of access ramps from the handicap parking spaces to the sidewalk, further adding to the cost to provide the parking spaces.

Also, the risk of increased accidents from the need to parallel park or the backing out from diagonal parking spaces must be considered in addition to the effect of increased traffic flow on the residents of the streets that will take the overflow traffic from Carson Street and the inconvenience to drivers having to detour to an overflow street to get around the affected area on Carson Street.

Bob Felton

Carson City