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Letters to the Editor March 19

Depleted oxygen levels priority No. 1

About 65 million years ago, the Earth’s oxygen levels fell down to about 11 percent from a high of about 38 percent, which is believed by many to be the reason for a major die-off of about one-third of all marine life and for the major die-off of dinosaurs as well. The culprit for this decline is believed to be an asteroid measuring about six miles across coupled with major volcanic activity.

Today, oxygen levels are at around 19-21 percent, compared to 31 percent just 10,000 years ago. And the real alarming side to this decline is some of the world’s larger, more polluted cities have had their oxygen levels measured to be as low as 12-15 percent. Not healthy.

At present, oxygen levels are still dropping and will continue to drop until a balance is met. The balance I am referring to is the amount of oxygen being created being brought up to par with oxygen being used.

Without going into detail, let me just say that the oxygen and CO2 levels in our atmosphere play a critical role in determining our weather, the integrity of our ozone layer, our health in general and the health of all forms of life.

With that said, raise your hand if you think spending $1 trillion on unnecessary NASA programs and another $1 trillion on health care reform over the next 10 years is more important than addressing the needs of our planet and of life in general.

James R. Parker

Carson City

In praise of Carson City sheriff’s deputies

I hope this letter will counteract the negative publicity created by some unfortunate incidents two of your readers had with the Carson City Sheriff’s Office. I have had nothing but good experiences with the deputies.

My husband was paralyzed for the last eight years of his life. One of the things he was able to do and enjoy was going to the classic car shows in the Carson Nugget parking lot.

The “Walk” signal on 395 in front of the Carson Nugget does not leave much time to push a wheelchair across the street. On many of the occasions when my husband and I were at car shows, there were one or two deputies on walking patrol who would push the wheelchair across the street for me and be sure the traffic stayed stopped until we were across the street.

My most recent experience was at the Carson Mall. I was recovering from surgery and have difficulty walking with my walker. There happened to be a deputy there and he opened the door, helped me with my walker and opened the restaurant door. He then asked if he could do anything else for me.

According to two of your readers, there are perhaps one or two deputies who need attitude adjustments, but the majority of them are good men who are out on the streets every day risking their lives to protect the citizens of Carson City.

Alice Kleckner

Carson City

Don’t do away with day of mail delivery

I look forward to getting my mail six days a week. I feel that it’s part of my right as a U.S. citizen. I get my mail even if there is no electricity or the weather is bad. I look forward to the walk up the corner to the cluster boxes where my key fits. It’s good exercise. My grandkids write me letters, written by hand, not on a keyboard. Can your children do that or do they just sit there with no exercise and play games on your computer?

If they cut delivery to five days a week, it will not help them control cost. The mail will still be moving on Saturday and Sunday, and it will pile up for delivery on Monday. Overtime will be paid trying to get it delivered.

What we need is better management of the mail. We can cut cost by making more central mail delivery locations – cluster mail boxes – on every route possible. A postal carrier can deliver mail to 30 places in just a little time.

We don’t need to eliminate any delivery days, we just need to use them more wisely.

Mary Lou Ericsson