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Letters to the Editor May 1

Right’s pre-existing condition: A closed mind

Last year, my sister was walking out to her car and became disoriented – did not know where she was, did not know why she was walking to her car or where she was going. She went back inside her house and sat on the couch. She did not go to the hospital or call 911. She did remember that she had no health insurance and could not afford to be sick and possibly lose her house over medical bills. It is very sad that she thought it would be better to die than to lose everything.

Fortunately, her husband came home, thought she might be having a stroke, gave her an aspirin and called one of my other sisters who insisted that he take her to a doctor. A few weeks ago, they sold their truck to pay the doctor.

I voted for Obama to move the U.S. in a different direction than the hole Republicans have been digging for the last eight years. It will take some time to fill that hole, but health care reform is a start.

I find it fascinating that the Tea partyers are enthusiastically focused on a quitter and loser as their moral compass. It says a lot about their decision-making skills. It is my non-medical opinion that their pre-existing condition is a closed mind. They are riled up, so Democrats need to also be very focused and vote for those with a conscience and respect for human beings.

J.R. Ekleberry


Tarkanian brings right values to Senate race

The survival of America rests on the character and ability of those we elect. I’ve looked at all the candidates running for the United States Senate. My vote goes to Danny Tarkanian. I’m impressed with his idealism, his understanding of the issues facing Nevada and America, and his solutions to deal with them.

Danny believes in our Constitution and limited government. He’s fed up with the arrogance of our current leaders, and the corruption and waste in Washington. He will do the right thing rather than the politically popular thing.

Danny drives around Nevada in his van with his wife and four young children as he seeks your vote. Sue Lowden is driven around in her fancy chauffeur-driven bus.

At the Fallon Lincoln Day dinner, Sue stated that unlike the other candidates, she is not looking for a job. Just what is she looking for? She’s a former supporter of Harry Reid, and all she ever talks about is the things she’s done, not what she will do if elected.

Danny is a conservative Constitutionalist, who I trust will work hard for Nevada. He is my choice to beat Harry Reid, and I hope he will be yours, too.

Douglas Hill


Too many risks in Nugget downtown project

Here are some points on the Nugget Project as it has been presented:

No land is being donated to the city. Sales taxes will be increased without an advisory vote from the people.

The Foundation will lease land to the developer. The developer will lease to the city. The developer is free to raise the leases as he sees fit. Present Carson City landlords will lose their state of Nevada leases to the developer.

A bond will be required. If the developer’s project does not pan out, and property taxes do not increase, the city will be required to directly cover the bond payments.

The Nugget and the Foundation have no obligation or commitment to invest any dollars into the project.

The current library is already operating on reduced hours. The library of the future is an electronic device you carry in your pocket, not a building.

It would take a huge parking garage to handle the Nugget customers, store employees, government workers, shoppers and people going to the library.

In short, the Nugget will profit, no matter what is built, and the Nugget assumes no risk. The city is at risk to lose millions of dollars. The city could be stuck with a beautiful library it can’t afford to operate. While we all want to have more business activity downtown, this project puts the city at risk.

Day Williams

Carson City