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Letters to the Editor May 12

GOP sinks to political potty humor

It seems that a certain element of the Republican Party has an obsession with ordure.

At the recent Tea Party gathering in Carson City, one gentleman was showing off a cow pie that he had mounted on cardboard, and circumscribed with various scurrilous messages about Obama and Harry Reid. Another gentleman had lettered a message of “hope” and “change” around the anus of his Jack Russell terrier. I don’t think the dog minded this display very much. In fact, he seemed to enjoy the attention almost as much as his owner. The pup might actually vote for Democrats if he could, but like many dogs, he would endure any humiliation to earn a doggy biscuit.

Potty humor also shows up on bumper stickers. One I spotted on a pickup truck tailgate pleaded “Anyone Butt Reid.” (Get it? Butt! Ha Ha).

I don’t think all Republicans are supportive of vulgar political commentary, but they could be a little more discriminating about how they scavenge their votes. I am hoping these people don’t figure out how to write on toilet paper before the November elections.

Phil Stotts

Carson City

Nugget project: Wrong time, wrong location

This letter is in regards to the Nugget project that Steve Neighbors is trying to promote. I do not support this project. We do not need a public library on casino property. This is not a good and viable location. The casino is going to own all the property and the city will have to pay the lease. The economy at this time does not support this kind of venture.

If Neighbors wants to build this enterprise, that is fine, let him pony up the money. I, for one, do not want to pay 1/8 percent additional sales tax for a public/private enterprise.

As far as property for a new library, why not use the vacant property where the old round house used to be on Stewart and Washington, which has better access and keeps children away from the gaming area?

If the board decides they would like to continue with this project, put it on the ballot and let the people of this community vote for it, and not just the special interest people.

Start looking around this community at all the vacant commercial property. This is not the time to enter any joint agreements.

Roy P. Semmens

Carson City

More must be done to protect wild horses

Wild horses are historical animals who represent to us and to the rest of the United States the spirit of freedom – born free.

Horses have been an access to us in every aspect for centuries. They also died in battle carrying the American flag. Out of all the animals in the world, they should be cherished. Yet we have people shooting them and abusing them.

The 1971 Act (says) that it is the policy of Congress that wild, free-roaming horses shall be protected from capture, branding, harassment or death. I understand that today it is a felony to shoot or abuse them, yet, it still exists. It looks like we need to be stronger on this crime.

About this last roundup of our horses, it seems to me it wasn’t for the best interest of our horses, the way it was done. Losing over 80 of them and pregnant mares losing their foals. I watched TV and saw them running into holding pens. The fear and fright in their eyes told me this was not right.

I don’t think this was a good time for the roundup, when our economy is at its worst. Too many people are out of work and can’t afford to adopt one.

These mustangs are some of the best survivors on the planet. More than the majority are in great shape. They look better than a lot of private-owned horses.

Bob Martini