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Letters to the Editor May 15

Where’s the sense in ID regulations?

Do you find this hard to understand? To get or renew your driver’s license, you must provide a certified birth certificate, Social Security card and proof of residence.

Now, to register to vote, you merely sign an oath that you are a U.S. citizen and no proof is required, even though all references in the Constitution specify that you be a U.S. citizen.

Bill Beil

Carson City

Mark Lumpkin, Lyon’s best bet for sheriff

Not long ago I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Mark Lumpkin, candidate for Lyon County sheriff. I was very impressed and am going to support him. He is a proven leader, manager and understands the needs of the community, as well as those of the Sheriff’s Department.

The current administration does not lead and has ignored the serious crime problem in our county. Lyon County lacks the basics of a functional law enforcement agency. Where is the

K-9 Unit? No effective law enforcement in today’s age can function without a K-9 Unit; just look at all the surrounding agencies. The narcotics unit has been cut to the bone and the root of 90 percent of crime is narcotics, another failure. Mark Lumpkin understands that building a law enforcement complex and jail in Yerington will cost the taxpayers millions of wasted dollars during a tough economic time, while the county is considering laying off 46 employees.

Having spent 29 years in law enforcement and still active in law enforcement issues, I hope all of the voters that voted for me during the last two elections will vote for Mark Lumpkin. Over the last eight years, there has been a significant loss of quality deputies and it is all over the lack of leadership. We can change this current administration and give the deputies the leadership they deserve and the fiscal accountability that we as citizens of Lyon County deserve.

Charlie Duke


Harry puts on a happy face for votes

Until the recent Harry Reid political TV ad, and since his last political campaign, I doubt that Reid has been seen with the nice friendly-face look you now see on his campaign ad.

His usual look, until he wants your votes, is that of a mad pit bull ready for a fight. This is a good example of his capabilities of “putting on the dog.”

We are really due for a change. And, by the way, it is too bad Reid and all the others

don’t back Arizona in illegal immigration; I sure do.

Bill Ramsden