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Letters to the Editor May 16

Leadership needed for state-of-art education

Today it is clear that if we want to offer our children opportunities to live and be productive in Carson City, we need to assess our strengths and weaknesses, recognize and use our talent and experts, and collaborate with other willing partners to anticipate and meet the challenges of a changing world.

New emerging industries will not look to Carson City as a viable place to locate if we cannot offer state-of-the-art education. Without them, our children cannot realize a hopeful, bright future.

With leaders who are willing to work together, a new model to deliver state-of-the-art education is possible. I want to be a part of this leadership team. I will work tirelessly to build foundations for academic and technical excellence on behalf of students today and tomorrow.

Please take a moment to consider a vision for the Carson City School District which will allow all students to understand and believe in the power of education at http://www.ron4carsoncityschools.com. I welcome feedback at the e-mail address on the website.

Ron Swirczek


School Trustee District 1

Carson City

Look for a better solution to school nutrition

I would like to respectfully object to the school district’s desire to outsource the food served in the Carson City Unified School District.

After seeing the food prepared by one of the vendors (Sodexo) vying for the contract and hearing about the packaging and heating process, I had to speak out.

I am hoping to stimulate a conversation within the community that comes up with a solution that includes fresh food, made locally (or on-site) that meets the requirements for a balanced diet with enough good fat that enables our children to properly digest their food gaining full nutritional value.

Some of our children get fed only at school; we need to provide these children with the best food possible so they can pay attention in school and help themselves out of the economic challenges they live with each day.

This should not be about money, but about caring for our children – all of our children, those who can afford to eat better and those who cannot.

My husband and I are eager to help the school district in any way possible as are many other families and businesses in Carson City. We are asking for an opportunity to hear the problems faced by the schools, hear the proposals of the outside contractors and be able to offer a solution of our own.

As Albert Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Kathleen Galhaut

Carson City

Nugget project a great boon for Carson City

As a 42-year resident of Carson City, it is with great enthusiasm that I embrace the downtown Nugget project. I have been to almost all of the presentations by Steve Neighbors, Mark Lewis and Robert Hartman.

Our lovely city has been sliding down a slippery slope with our present economic situation, and this project can be the lifesaver. It will bring in jobs and opportunities for our young people who otherwise leave to find jobs elsewhere.

At a recent forum of candidates for city supervisor, only one candidate, Karen Abowd, spoke out in favor of the project. All other candidates were negative. I wonder what they see as the future of Carson City. More of the same? Are we to just take a wait-and-see attitude or should we be proactive and plan for the future?

Lewis has a good track record. Stockton now has a renovated waterfront marina, an arena for hockey, baseball and concerts, a Sheraton Hotel, new restaurants, shops, theater, plaza with water features and more. My daughter and her family who live in Stockton have been to all of these venues and have benefited from this project.

Neighbors and the Mae Adams Trust are giving Carson City a golden opportunity to revitalize our downtown, build a much-needed new library and create a central plaza, which would be a real attraction for residents and tourists alike. Let’s not throw this opportunity away.

Frieda Ford

Carson City

Silver State students, teachers are class acts

Silver State Charter School’s student body and faculty had nothing to do with issues being reported in the past week.

We are different, most importantly because we are a school where everyone is accepted and can learn at various paces. My classmate, Kendra Thurman, had six credits in September, and today has 15-plus, well on her way into her junior year. She is also earning my personal title of Wonder Woman by helping Brett Caron, technology teacher, with the lighting and audio for the school talent show while earning A’s and B’s in her classes.

My younger brother, diagnosed with an unusual eye condition where he can’t follow points with his eyes, reads at a second-grade level, but will enter Silver State Middle School with exactly the same chance as everyone else. There are no cliques and no violence above an occasional whack on the shoulder between boys. Students with special needs are welcomed by the rest of the students. Succeeding or failing is up to the students – we set our own pace and learn in our own ways with our teachers by our side, which teaches a lot about responsibility.

In short, SSCS does not solely consist of the director or board. We ask that the Nevada Appeal and the Northern Nevada community remember that we are a body of hardworking, kind and ethical people, who work tirelessly to make SSCS a place where all children can learn every day.

Monica Stephenson

Silver State Charter School junior

Liberals lack ability to have honest debate

Another letter (was printed) from Rick Van Alfen, distressed at all the hate aimed at the government, liberals, etc. – this, from a man who admits to holding a grudge against the Republican party, for 40 years, no less.

Rick claims to advocate protesting, and then proceeds to label protesters as spreading propaganda, gullible sheep, hysterical right-wing lunatics. Is this hateful?

Americans are increasingly distrustful, disappointed and disgusted with the present government.

When the liberals can’t honestly dispute the source of the protesters’ discontent, their tactic is to resort to name-calling and a smear campaign.

Patricia Papazaglow

Carson City