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Letters to the Editor May 2

Livermore’s logic will be missed

When it comes to protecting the interests of the citizens of Carson City, those of us sitting in the peanut gallery, watching the political circus of mediocrity and verbal juggling, tend to look to the guy on the high wire, without a net, bravely attempting to balance value, merit and worth, with honest, virtuous options.

Unfortunately, the power of one Pete Livermore is simply not enough to curb or put an end to the growing resentment and silent rage brewing on the sidelines in this town.

However, for a short while longer, Supervisor Livermore will continue to grant us an element of hope and assurance, as we witness him in perpetual motion, demonstrating the lost art of reason – a fundamental standpoint of common sense, logic and moderation in a dedicated effort to protect and serve his community.

Leaving Carson City voters with some hard, uncomfortable shoes to fill.

Carole Thompson

Carson City

Tip earners struggle to make ends meet

Your article on April 25, “Tipping takes a hit in the recession,” was a long-awaited sight. Many people don’t realize that a majority of bar, restaurant and casino workers make their living on tips. As a casino tip-making employee, I make less than minimum wage because I do make tips. But without those tips, we are drowning as well.

We hear people saying such things as “They make loads of money, you don’t have to tip them” or “They make good hourly wages so it’s OK.” What a majority of these people don’t realize is we don’t make that money when no one is tipping. What they also don’t realize is these are also some of the employees out there who are losing homes, cars, stability and now starting to count on the welfare system to help pay bills and feed their children.

So, please remember that casino employee who is trying to help you and serve you when you decide they make too much money to be tipped – whether they bring you a drink, your food, your cash payout or deal you cards.

A.L. Harris

Carson City

Cops should crack down on delinquents

Sunday is a good day to take my 6- and 9-year-olds to the skate park – until it’s interrupted by a pack of older teens smoking cigarettes, and a couple of

8-year-olds with them also smoking.

“Hey kids,” I say to the

8-year-olds, “don’t smoke.” Their response is a four-letter word. I go over to the older teens and ask why they’re letting the youngsters in their group smoke. More four-letter words spewed in my direction. So I tell them I’m calling the cops and that’s what I do.

Half an hour later, a sheriff’s deputy shows up. In the meantime, I’m pelted with rocks and pine cones from the teens. I tell him I want him to tell the older kids not to give cigarettes to the younger kids. “Tell them not to smoke here,” I say. “Well, we like the teens to come to the skate park because that way they stay out of trouble,” he says.

The cop tells me I should just leave the park. He says he’ll talk to them about throwing rocks at me that could have hit my daughter.

I walk away feeling so much better that my police department is prepared to take the side of a bunch of delinquent teens over a concerned parent trying to ensure the safety of young children in the park on a spring afternoon.

Malala Elston Ugoji

Silver City

Poll question proves old adage false

Your latest online poll – Is Jim Gibbons one of the worst governors in the nation? – should dispel the notion there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

Russ Law

Carson City

Another entitlement to burden our kids

For several weeks now, every time I read the letters to the editor section in the Nevada Appeal, there’s another letter stating how great the new health care bill is. The letters have been from a variety of sources – AARP to ordinary folks, all with good intentions I’m sure.

What surprises me, though, is that many people seem to have lost all sense of logic in this matter. In order to sell this bill, we were told that

32 million more people would be added to the health care system during the next 10 years, and that we will save money.

This makes no sense at all until you take the time to examine the details. The way this program saves money in the first 10 years is simple, the government starts to collect taxes for the health care program in 2010. However, benefits don’t start to be paid out until 2014. Ten years of tax collections for six years of payouts. Some in the accounting world might call this cooking the books.

The country has taken on another huge entitlement program that will have to be funded with borrowed money. But this is nothing new. The present Washington administration is borrowing billions of dollars at a rate never before seen in this country’s history, resulting in an out-of-control soaring federal budget.

What a shameful legacy to leave to the next generation.

Ron Berglan

Carson City