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Letters to the Editor May 20

Dayton bridge situation could lead to disaster

There are more than 4,200 people currently living on the south side of the Carson River along Dayton Valley Road. These residents are all at risk in the event that a major accident or environmental disaster renders the Dayton Valley Bridge unusable. Besides air, the Dayton Valley Bridge is the only way for emergency personnel to get help across the river to someone in need. Having the only bridge at one side of town also is slowing down emergency response times and is lowering the odds of survival for the victims of accidents.

It is our duty as a community to do something about this safety hazard. We need to reopen the discussion on building a second bridge over the river. The area that was last being discussed as a possible site for a second bridge was Cardelli Road in the River Park neighborhood. The cost-to-benefit ratio for this location is very high because it is close to the middle of town and the large population centers. A bridge here would not only reduce emergency response times, but also provide a second route of travel to and from the south side of town.

People’s lives are at stake and we need to do something about this issue before a disaster occurs that leaves more than 4,200 of our residents stranded without help.

Joseph M. Joyner


Online harassment, lies in form of e-mail need to stop

Another e-mail from the righteous, telling me I am part of the problem if I don’t forward their e-mail. I never, ever forward e-mails that threaten or otherwise try to coerce me to do so. Because I don’t forward them, it does not cancel out my four years service to my country in the Marine Corps and I am sure my priest will still let me into Mass.

These e-mails that try to bully people into forwarding them is abuse of the Internet. In fact, I am deleting more stuff since so much is founded on half truths and outright falsehoods or is just plain mean-spirited. I don’t have to agree with Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh to be a good American.

Ronald H. Adams


Bob White is the clear choice for sheriff

With 29 years as an FBI agent and another 12 in other law enforcement and national security matters, I know a little about law enforcement. I have sadly learned that my person, my property and my rights are not safe in Carson City. In my professional opinion, the Sheriff’s Office under the leadership of Ken Furlong is ineffective and inefficient. Because of this, I am a fervent supporter of Bob White’s effort to become our sheriff.

He has the breadth of experience required to bring professionalism to the Sheriff’s Office and keep us and ours safe. The Nevada Appeal limits one’s words here so I cannot begin to list the shortcomings of Furlong’s tenure as sheriff. However, I will give one quick example.

Last week the paper ran an article about problem bears in our community. Last year the city passed an ordinance aimed at dealing with people who do not properly store their trash, thereby providing an attraction for bears. Saturday, I complained to the sheriff’s office about a violation of this ordinance. The dispatcher refused to take action, as she had never heard of the law. I also complained last year about another violation of this law and the Sheriff’s Office refused to respond.

What kind of leader fails to properly train his employees? What kind of leader puts unknowledgeable people in front-line positions of responsibility? On June 8, elect an experienced, professional, and effective sheriff. Elect Bob White.

Richard Schneider

Carson City

Show brought beautiful music to Carson

At the conclusion of the Western Nevada Musical Theater Company’s presentation of the beloved “Sound of Music,” the audience was on their feet and clapping loudly in deserved appreciation for an excellent performance.

As we filed out of the community center, a mother asked her young daughter what she thought of the performance. The child answered, “I loved this more than the movie.”

Since children are such unbiased critics, this about sums up the wonderful performance by the cast. The singing was superb, and again shows what talent abounds in our region.

Ronni Hannaman

Carson City