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Letters to the Editor May 23

Remember those who serve on Memorial Day

Thanksgiving is a day when we pause to give thanks for the things we have. Memorial Day is a day when we pause to give thanks to the people who fought for the things we have.

Our military men and women have no say about whether they go to Iraq or pick up Toys for Tots. The decisions are made by their commander in chief. They just follow orders, including the one to go to war and lay down their lives for us.

Please think of them next weekend.

Mike Enright

Carson City

Before you hike water rates, try this

To the mayor and Carson City Board of Supervisors: I believe you just raised the water rates about

28 percent over the last two or three years. Enough is enough.

How about some different solutions other than just getting deeper into my wallet? Here are my suggestions:

Don’t punish guys like Dave Ruf at Greenhouse. He is a longtime viable business here in town, and employs people.

I suggest that if residents must have acres of landscape, they move to Arkansas. Land is less expensive there and it rains a lot more. Put some tough restrictions on them. Don’t punish the average homeowner who pays taxes, fees and your salary.

Enforce existing immigration laws. How many toilets get flushed, dishwashers run, loads of laundry done every day here in Carson, not to even think of the whole state of Nevada? Lots of water used by people who have no right to be here. Let’s follow Arizona.

Cut lawn watering to two days a week. I’ll keep up the front, the back can die. My dog can pee on dead grass.

Chuck Byrne

Carson City

Gibbons’ veto on NSP put us in this mess

Concerning the story of prison cutbacks building into a powder keg because of furloughs, let’s set this record straight right now. Prison officers saw this problem coming a long time ago. At the last session of the Legislature, we backed a bill reducing our salaries and benefits by nearly 5 percent, without furloughs. That would have solved the present problem right there.

That same bill would have required us to work 12-hour shifts, 84 hours per pay period at straight pay, allowing the department to reduce staffing by some 70 officers statewide, saving the department another 5 percent. This bill passed the Senate with bipartisan support on a vote of 19 to 3, but was vetoed by Gov. Gibbons. He claimed he could achieve the same savings through executive order.

Department of Corrections Director Howard Skolnik told me, at the Legislature, that if the above measures were passed, he would not need to close Nevada State Prison. Before the Interim Finance Committee, when asked what would happen if we close NSP and the inmate population starts growing again, he replied we’d be in big trouble, so even he acknowledged it’s a bad idea. Now he is harping on NSP again, because that’s what his boss wants him to say. Frankly, that’s inconsistent.

For the record, Gov. Gibbons wants to close NSP, and Gov. Gibbons, with his veto, put us in the mess we are in right now.

Edward Neidert

Carson City

Sacrifice freedoms of some for greater good for all

Have we all disregarded the fact that this country was founded on sacrifice? To make positive changes, no matter what the objective, we are going to have to make sacrifices, and it’s a pity that every time laws like Arizona’s are passed, people oppose them.

We all want immigration reform, but nobody is willing to make the sacrifice. I would, of course, be upset if I was detained just because of my skin color, but if it helps control illegal immigration, lowers crime rates, and gives more jobs to legal citizens, then that’s a sacrifice I am willing to make.

We need to protect our borders, language and culture, and I am glad to have governors like Jan Brewer of Arizona. I think the law is a bold step toward helping a state and country that is overrun by floods of illegal immigrants. This new law is directed toward all immigrants, and if more became legal citizens, laws like it would not be needed.

Immigrants love our laws, freedoms, our many benefits and opportunities, but yet they choose to remain illegal, turning their backs on the very government that gave them the freedoms to begin with. Is that how you show gratitude? It’s about time somebody puts their foot down.

This was an American nation the last time I checked. If we have to step on a few toes or modify a few freedoms and laws to keep it that way, I am all for it.

Scott Mannahan


Thank you, Nevada, from a very grateful guardsman

On behalf of the men and women in uniform in the Nevada National Guard, I would just like to say a heartfelt thank you to the Northern Nevada community.

We continually receive truly selfless acts of kindness that are sincerely appreciated. Ongoing anonymous acts of kindness by fellow countrymen continue to reaffirm the belief that our calling is not going unnoticed. In my case, patriots wishing anonymity have picked up the meal tab at local restaurants.

We, your men and women in uniform, can never completely express our gratitude for your support and recognition. As representatives of the men and women who have come before us, from Concord, Mass., to Afghanistan, we remain thankful that you are there for us.

Chief Master Sgt. Michael Muniz

Nevada Air National Guard