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Letters to the Editor May 27

Sheriff department records contained harmful errors

Voters, when you vote for a sheriff, you are not only voting for the sheriff, but you are also going to have to accept the people the sheriff appoints for certain positions. And if those people don’t take their assignments seriously, it’s going to affect you.

Being a former employee of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, I would like to know why the sheriff only worried about the stats that came from records and why neither he nor the person over the Civil/Records Division were not concerned about what was actually in the records management system. Errors were being made, which resulted in innocent people being detained and sometimes arrested on warrants.

Two innocent men were detained for warrants because their personal information was attached as aliases for wanted people. If any of you have had contact with the sheriff’s office and you are worried that your personal information is attached to a wanted person, you might consider going to the Civil/Records Division and ask for a copy of your Tiburon computer information. You will need to show your ID before getting this information.

Gail Carter

Carson City

Sheriff’s opponents raise concerns

Two of our sheriff candidates have given me great cause to worry about our town’s future.

At the candidate’s debate at the Carson Nugget recently, both Bob White and Bob Guimont were asked if they would be able to handle the department’s budget. White claims to have taken a class. What was the subject of the class? And Guimont said he would hire someone to do it for him. Mr. Guimont, how many street officers will you have to fire so you can hire a person to do your job?

In hearing this, why would I want to elect either of you?

There also is talk of candidates wanting to abolish the “Law Enforcement Code of Ethics and Conduct.” Why would anyone do this? Mr. Guimont, Mr. White, should law enforcement personnel be exempt from acting in an ethical manner or abiding by a code of personal conduct in dealing with public and personal contacts?

Mr. White, you made a campaign speech in uniform, on duty, while on the public payroll. This doesn’t inspire confidences that you can effectively balance a budget.

People learn not to trust law enforcement when they act in a manner that portrays them as above the law or a force to be reckoned with.

Ruth Defilippi

Carson City

Kagan excellent nominee for high court

We all should support the nomination of Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court. My personal background is similar to hers, my mother was a teacher and my father was in the law and order business. I went toward technology and she went toward law.

She has great experience in working with all kinds of people. At Harvard, she opened up the ranks of the traditionally liberal faculty to include conservatives as well. She has worked closely with Republicans in Congress.

She is a woman of firsts – first female dean of Harvard Law and first female solicitor general. In this post, she is an advocate for the government and works closely with the Supreme Court, giving her special knowledge of the work of the court.

As a nation, we will be well-served by Elena Kagan on the Supreme Court.

Wendy George

Carson City

President Calderon showed poor manners to host

So the Mexican President Felipe Calderon criticized Arizona’s tough new immigration law while he was being honored at a state dinner at the White House.

I find his manners very insulting as an American, born and raised in this country. I have family members who have served in the military for our country. Let me understand this criticism – coming from the president of Mexico, a country that is wallowing in corruption – seems very cowardly.

Apparently, given the choice of propriety or vanity, he chose vanity. Perhaps as a child, he ought to have been told to “hush” just once.

Linda Adams


Campaign signs are nuisance and eyesore

Why can’t our government ban the political signs posted all over our area? They are ugly, trashy and unnecessary. They are distracting to drivers. Shame on the candidates who use signs to target uniformed voters. Anyone who would vote for a political candidate simply because of a sign doesn’t deserve the privilege.

Rita Wood

Carson City