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Letters to the Editor May 29

As state spirals downward, it may be time to leave

With one of the highest unemployment and home foreclosure rates in the entire United States, the once unthinkable to longtime residents has arrived. Should I leave Nevada for better opportunities elsewhere?

That question is already being answered by the fact that residents are leaving the Silver State at record rates only seen between 1910 and 1920. Skilled workers are now in competition for lower-skilled job opportunities just to have some kind of employment.

Career opportunities in Nevada are sagging, while state, county and city tax revenues are dwindling and will continue to do so with continued unemployment and dwindling state residency numbers.

With low nationwide rankings in crime, education and health care, it would seem like a good time to re-evaluate Nevada as a safe place of opportunity one might call home.

Michael Furlong

Carson City

Smallwood is proven leader for Assembly District 39

There is only one true conservative candidate running in Assembly District 39. We have four Republican candidates to choose from; there is only one that signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge not to raise taxes. This candidate is Barbara Smallwood.

I also would point out Barbara has the most experience and served on more committees and boards along with numerous community volunteer work than any other candidate. Barbara has made the tough decisions, she is a proven leader. While serving as a county commissioner, Barbara rolled back government and made county agencies more accountable and transparent.

The assembly is a two-year term, and we cannot waste time with a learning curve candidate, or one that can be overly influenced by the lobbyists, knowingly or even unknowingly.

Barbara has the commitment and tenacity to fight for Nevadans and Assembly District 39. Our state has taxed and spent our surplus into oblivion. Now is the time to roll back this huge tax-and-spend attitude and live within our revenues.

Now is the time for Barbara Smallwood to take my concerns and your concerns to Carson City. Check the records. I will tell you, I feel the other candidates will definitely vote to raise your taxes, and have done so in the past.

Clarence Fleming


If you want to live in U.S., do so legally

Let’s stop all the protesting and bickering over illegal immigration. If you left your country of origin, it was to find a better way of life in America. This does not entitle you to anything other than the American dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – which does not, incidentally, entitle you to handouts if you are not living here legally.

I do agree that we need immigrants to perform many jobs in our great nation, but you must come here legally. If you are here illegally, then you should have to start the process to become an American.

If Americans went to a foreign country, would they be given amnesty for entering the country illegally? The answer is no. It is an employer’s responsibility to ensure that any person – Hispanic, Asian, black or white – is in America legally. Someone should go after employers for hiring illegals. It is easy to obtain a fake birth certificate, Social Security card, passport or drivers license.

Finally, wake up United States Congress and President Obama. Do your job of protecting this great nation and providing liberty and justice for all, not just those here illegally or who intend to do harm to America and Americans.

Char Linch


Gullible voters swayed by corrupt politicians

Much shall be written and said about the various elections to date, but in the end, not much shall change, since the misfits who run Washington were sent there by the poorly informed electorate. Don’t expect any significant change.

The gullible public shall continue to be swayed by sweet talkers who, upon arrival in Washington, are promptly bought up by special interests.

The current administration is the most corrupt of any administration in my 86-year lifetime, but when I did my pre-election vetting, I shuddered at what I discovered, and I regret that I was correct.

Union thugs are now in charge. Well, politics is the refuge of the educated incompetents, and voters allow it to be so.

Party affiliation is meaningless in the end. The only answer is total incumbent routing, which shall never happen.

Give us some Joe the Plumber types, and we might restore some wit and integrity to the system. Otherwise, we shall fail just as all previous democratic republics in history have failed.

Vernon Latshaw

Carson City