Letters to the editor May 30, 2008 | NevadaAppeal.com

Letters to the editor May 30, 2008

Concerned about state’s

for-profit online schools

In response to another “Online Charter School” (May 21, 22 Insight): Those schools provide nothing new and a lot less. Now the state has four out-of-state-owned online schools where students stay at home and receive little if any help with their studies.

Silver State Charter High School is located in Carson City is locally accredited and serves students in Northern Nevada and made AYP for 2006-07. The school requires the students to come into the school to meet and work with the teachers once per week, additional days are optional. All coursework is online using the best courseware available for that subject; they do not use just one from a for-profit company that organized the school. SSHS is not owned nor operated by a EMO (educational management organization).

We are concerned how many more out-of-state corporate schools will be approved in the future duplicating services but not opportunities for our local students. A good charter school does work.


Executive Director/Administrator

Silver State High School

Carson City

Don’t listen to conservative pundits on a full stomach

TV ads from AARP suggest that Congress plans to increase Medicare premiums by nearly double, which simply nails the elderly and the poor the hardest … but wait, what have the three political candidates to say about this … especially Hillary, who is always the loudest concerning healthcare?

Well, those well-heeled conservative commentators have a take on this, keep on the attack against the candidates so they have no time to address issues which are presently under consideration in Congress … so that the country will be to their liking after election day.

Limbaugh said this. I heard him!

The three candidates are all U.S. Senators. This is a critical problem for the poor and old and politically defenseless, and they need to ignore those political wrecking-crews who cringe behind their microphones and talk tough … the candidates either care for Medicare folks or they don’t.

Mind you, Medicare coverage isn’t a liberal giveaway … and within the past year the medical community was concerned about another negative that Congress had dreamed up … reducing reimbursements so that treating Medicare folks would be totally financially infeasible.

I wonder what Christ thinks of rich lobbyists?

You won’t hear this from Hannity or Limbaugh, the only input they want is from poor Herman from South Carolina calling to tell them how great they are. I took some time to listen to these guys … don’t try it on a full stomach … because I am quite conservative … but heard nothing that suggested solid programs.

Shrug you shoulders, candidates, wait six months, guarantee to fix everything after election day. How? The same way you’re now ignoring your Congressional obligations. That’s what those radio hate-mongers want. Tell you what, Herman, next time you have medical bills, send them to your great men buddies!


Carson City

Nothing unreasonable about enforcing our laws

Regarding Elizabeth Reville’s letter on March 16 about immigration:

Her opinion that America’s problem with the illegal invasion is, basically, racial discrimination is, intrinsically, incorrect! Our objection to this situation is, specifically, that it is, what it is … millions of non-citizens (and I don’t care if they’re black, brown, green, pink, purple, polka dotted or striped) have surreptitiously entered our country and expect us to totally ignore this fact!

“Ignoring facts” is not a logical or effective way to secure a country as time has proven! This nation of laws is entitled to hold to account those who break our laws!

I repeat: It is not morally wrong to protect oneself against those who intend to live off our citizens or to do us harm. And when, in some places, 90 percent of inmates in this country are illegal immigrants, don’t tell me we are being “unreasonably paranoid and discriminatory in our actions!” We are asserting our basic human right of self-preservation!