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Letters to the editor May 30

Vote for good conservative principles

In order to not fear and mistrust our government, it must earn our respect first. How can we respect a government where our civil servants vote themselves a raise when the rest of us – in order to keep our jobs – have to take a cut in our wages?

Ronald Reagan earned our respect as president when he put into operation the Star Wars system, which at least gave us some measure of defense from incoming ballistic missiles from our enemies. All we get from our present president are apologies for past misdeeds which are unfounded at best.

In the past, those appointed by our president had some accountability to the people, but now our current president has appointed people to posts in our government whose only accountability is to him.

In the past, Eugene Paslov has complained about the Republicans being a party of “no” when it is quite obvious that Obama is not interested in anything his competition has to say or offer to fix the current economic situation.

How bad does it have to get before Obama is forced to listen and act? How many trillions of dollars must we be in debt before his spending frenzy is stopped in its tracks? I am in favor of putting some sanity back into government by voting for good conservative candidates in the November election.

Neil Powers

Carson City

Press Congress to pass fair elections act

We have to immediately press Congress to pass the Fair Elections Now Act – public financing of campaigns. It’s the only way ordinary people can have a fighting chance that we won’t be completely overwhelmed by special interests.

We also must make it clear that corporations, unions, or anyone else exploiting the Roberts Court’s indefensible ruling will be exposed to public scrutiny. We’ll have to act fast if we want to prevent the 2010 elections from becoming a special interest-driven tragedy.

With spending limits thrown out, corporations and unions could spend as much as $6 billion to directly influence the election of candidates in 2010. And that’s just if they match what they spend lobbying Congress in an election cycle.

As massive corporate spending goes flying into campaigns, the opportunity to make progress on critical issues like health care and energy will go flying out the window.

We can’t let that happen.

Anneliese Puthe

Carson City

Pick this dedicated mom for school board

This election season brings a wide range of choices in nearly all of the open seats in our community. Like many cities around this nation, we see more new faces wanting to get involved in their communities. Hopefully, this trend will continue.

One of those fresh new faces is Julie Bushner, a candidate for school board trustee District 1. Julie and her husband Greg have two children in Carson City’s schools, a fact surprisingly not shared by other candidates in District 1. Julie brings over two decades of financial experience with Fortune 500 companies as a corporate finance controller dealing with a variety of financial and budget forecasting issues.

I dare say that there are few forces as formidable as dedicated, educated and knowledgeable moms in taking on the issues of education of our children. Julie is actively engaged in our community, actively engaged in her PTA, is the director of operations of Food for Thought and assists as a court appointed special advocate representing local youth.

Julie Bushner’s project is to help make Carson City School District Nevada’s best choice for schools, the best place for kids to be challenged and educated and to ensure that their parents participate and become involved in that process. Make sure the candidate that you vote for has at least as much dedication, experience and vested interest in making our schools better before casting your vote. Having done that analysis, Julie Bushner is getting my vote.

Steve Hartman

Carson City

Corrupt politicians profit from ongoing drug trade

The love affair at the White House last week between two corrupt presidents, Calderon of Mexico and Barack Obama, was distasteful. Each grifter gushed over amnesty for illegals. Neither showed much interest in stopping the flow of illegal drugs across our southern border.

The reason the U.S.-Mexico border will never be sealed is it will stop drug trafficking cold. Laundered drug money finds its way into local political campaigns, the halls of Congress and onto Wall Street.

Obama and his disciples tell us al Qaeda counts on trafficking in heroin to finance its activities. They also state that Osama bin Laden can’t survive without profits from the illicit drug trade.

We’re told that in Afghanistan, the Taliban can’t operate without revenue received from trafficking in heroin. Do you think it might be good military strategy to burn the poppy fields and pay the farmers to grow other crops?

This is war. Brave American soldiers are being killed. Yet, on the nightly news recently, American infantrymen were shown patrolling an area a few feet from poppy fields soon to be harvested for their opium.

It’s all about billions of dollars in laundered drug money and traitors. As long as the American people keep sending corrupt, anti-America politicians to Washington, our southern border will never be sealed to drug traffickers and illegals.

Robert Sennett

Carson City