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Letters to the Editor May 5

What’s the fuss about Real ID license?

I’m writing in regards to the article in the paper on April 23 about Real ID requirements from the DMV.

I applied for a renewal for my driver’s license in March, and I didn’t feel like they were being intrusive on my life. I provided the documents they required and had no problems. Maybe the people who are opposing have something to hide.

I don’t understand what the big deal is.

Shirley Conroy

Carson City

Sue, we aren’t living in a ‘Little House on the Prairie’

Sue Lowden’s remarks that Harry Reid made her look bad is preposterous. Not that I am a fan of Harry Reid, but from the moment I read the suggestion to turn to the barter system, it called to mind the show “Little House on the Prairie” with the doctor having more chickens than a farmer.

During the era of bartering it was the poor who had to go that route and the most bartered items available to them were chickens and eggs. Lowden herself brought up the “They would bring a chicken or paint a house.”

When I walk into a store, I want to know how much something is before I buy it. It is the same with my doctor. I need to know how much before I can commit to it. I have a co-payment and sometimes will get over-the-counter medicines rather that visit my doctor, as I figure that is the cheaper way to go.

I don’t want to walk into a doctor’s office and not know if she will want my watch or my car as payment for my health. Would Lowden as a casino owner allow a patron to give her a dozen eggs in lieu of a dollar for the slots? I think not.

There is a reason that prices are set. I wonder, what color is the sky is in this woman’s world? It tends to be blue in mine, and as much as I disagree with Harry Reid, it seems to be blue in his as well.

Kelly White

Carson City

Supervisors, tighten screws on loose spending

I attended the Board of Supervisors meeting on April 15. I was dismayed and surprised with how the board decided to give out $75,000 from the Redevelopment Authority’s revolving fund.

My concern was with the people handling the project. Joe McCarthy did not have a signed and completed plan, required by law. There was no budget or breakdown of how the money would be spent. He did produce half a page accounting for the $75,000. When asked for a more detailed breakdown, McCarthy said it was the same plan for the past five years, and there was no reason to have a breakdown or get competitive bids.

When Pete Livermore asked some pointed questions, the other supervisors ridiculed him. It was clear that they did not want an accounting on how the money was to be spent. Molly Walt specifically said that this is for families to have something to do, and was not overly concerned at the expense.

The most shocking item was that the farmers market at Mills Park costs the city $445 per year, and the farmers market downtown costs $20,000. Why the big difference? No one had an answer, not even the person they were giving the money to.

Is this the most responsible use of our tax dollars, given the economic times we are facing? My vote this year will go to the candidates who are fiscally responsible and willing to ask hard questions.

Eva Reynolds

Carson City