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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 3

Will be happy to drive illegals to the border

As usual, the pro-illegal alien special interest groups have again reared their ugly heads (Illegal immigration raid, Nevada Appeal, Sept. 28). Law and order isn’t part of their agenda. These crybabies refuse to acknowledge that all illegal aliens are no more than common criminals.

This group of lawbreakers arrested by ICE officers are suspected illegal aliens, not immigrants. Let’s get the terminology correct.

“Hispanic community activities” conveniently overlook the fact illegals are forbidden by United States law to work in America. With assistance from our cowardly elected officials, illegals violate our laws with impunity.

Illegals have nothing to offer America. These criminals fill our jails, destroy our public school system and use our emergency rooms as their private free clinics.

Did Reno Mayor Robert Cashell take an oath to uphold the law when he took office? Rather than criticize ICE officers for doing their job, he should be commending them for a job well done.

It’s clear Mayor Cashell demands that Reno remain another “sanctuary city,” thereby risking the lives of legal residents. The safety of Reno’s legal residents is far more important than the interests of Cashell’s many lobbyist friends and his major campaign contributors.

Mayor Cashell must find the courage to use the bully pulpit to make it clear, all illegal aliens (lawbreakers), must be removed from the city of Reno.

I’m a busy person. However, I’ll be happy to drive a busload of illegals to the Canadian or Mexican borders. Good riddance!

robert sennett

Carson City

Americans have a right to disagree with the president

In her “Your Opinion” letter of Sept. 16, Lynn Muzzy wrote nothing but a diatribe designed to marginalize an opinion different than her own. Full of lies, half-truths and insinuations, it is actually just the Republican party spin-line which clouds the truth, covers up the abuses of power and makes the real objectives of the war in Iraq as opaque as possible.

First, she attacks the messengers. She equates anti-war protesters with substance abusers, dysfunctional psychotics, homeless, social outcasts and misfits. That sly suggestion is supposed to discredit the message.

Why not try to face the anti-war position with truth, facts or logical analysis? Maybe because no truth, real facts or logical analysis got us into this war.

Next, she attacks dissent itself. Disagreeing with the president on whether to wage war is my right, and my duty as a citizen. Because troops volunteered to fight does not make the Iraq War just, honorable or necessary. Since soldiers do not decide where or when to fight, my disagreement with the president does not dishonor or disrespect them.

Apparently Ms. Muzzy feels she must defend a poor Republican president who can’t win a war.

This administration did start the Iraq War and knowingly used questionable intelligence to justify it.

Al-Qaida was not yet in Iraq and the civil war our attempted takeover started is not genocide. The genocide in Africa and the Balkans was waged by their respective governments, not by an empire-building country secretly planning to privatize oil reserves through American corporations. It sounds like outcasts and misfits are just inconveniently speaking the truth.

There is no evidence that the war in Iraq is the reason we have not been attacked at home lately. The only proof that the suspension of constitutional guarantees has prevented al-Qaida freelancers attacks is the word of a president who has repeatedly lied to us.

Yes, there are two groups, but the one with the message I hear is down with empire building, down with killing to get oil, down with the America of secret tribunals and secret energy policies, down with spying on American citizens. Up with the freedoms the Constitution guaranteed. Up with America.

neviah bogart

Carson City