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Letters to the editor on Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tax increase hurts Carson’s quality of life

I am a 12-year-old Boy Scout; I recently went to the Carson City Board of Supervisors meeting on April 17 as a requirement for my Communications Merit Badge. I listened to several citizens speak about the 1/8 percent sales tax increase. I know that there is still a lot I probably don’t know about this subject, but I did hear a lot of strongly voiced opinions.

When I think about all I heard, I am not sure that this sales tax is a very good idea. Even though I am not old enough to vote, I don’t think a tax like this should happen without the people of Carson City being able to vote on it. The projects that this tax is being used for are not all necessary, I love playing outdoors, but don’t think we need a sports complex; there are already lots of sports fields, tennis courts, soccer fields and parks in our area to enjoy. We also already have a community center and basketball courts.

I think I would like to stay in this area when I am an adult, but if the taxes continue to increase and our community becomes more in debt, staying here may not be the best for me or other young people who are growing up in Carson City. Thank you for reading my letter.

Gabriel Finley

Carson City

Commercial vehicles driven dangerously

Dear all members of the law enforcement community:

I want to inform you that I have seen every past, present and future personal and commercial vehicle driving in an erratic and dangerous manner. Further I recorded every past, present and future vehicle’s license plate. Rather than list every license plate number here, to save time I will freely tell you that the license plates I saw fell in between ‘1’ and ‘ZZZZZZZ.’

Please print this for your records, officer, deputy, patrolman or trooper, for thanks to a recent Supreme Court ruling, I have given you the gift of now having probable cause to suspect every man, woman and child in the United States who ever touched a vehicle. You’re welcome!


Philip B. Galbraith