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Letters to the editor Sept 16

Keep selection of judges an open process

Let us be the judge. Judges should be elected, not appointed. Anyone who has the power to imprison a citizen should be elected by the citizens they preside over and be accountable for the rulings they make.

Appointing reeks of favoritism and political payback. Is this selection process going to be out in the open or closed to public view? If a citizen is interested in knowing the qualifications of the applicants, will the selection committee be open to the public or a behind-closed-doors process? If it is behind closed doors, people are going to wonder what is being withheld from the public view.

We didn’t elect the commissioners to have an easy time of it. We elected them to represent us. How do we know they are doing their jobs unless everything is out in the open? If they need to have a special commission meeting just to review the applicants, so be it. Schedule the meeting and allow the people to attend who are interested.

Marshall Goldy


We are living in dark age of misinformation

During the time we call the Dark Ages, the church ruled with an iron hand. Dissenters were imprisoned or, in some cases, burned at the stake. Scientists were the enemy when they attempted to show that the universe was quite different than what the church demanded people believe.

Those who think the Dark Ages are in the past are acutely mistaken. We are living in a sea of lies, legends and myths that are destroying Western civilization. We are living in the most disastrous Dark Age ever to exist on Planet Earth with a majority of the people so brainwashed they will reject anything that doesn’t agree with what they have been tricked into believing by the most talented liars the world has ever produced.

Everything from all public sources we are fed on a daily basis is carefully designed to misinform, distract and propagandize to serve an agenda using the faculties of the psychological and social sciences to make it effective.

This time, it is the conquest of the entire earth by a self-proclaimed elite using the “terrible power of the purse,” to quote one of its proponents. (It is also) the avarice of its minions who will serve them for money, even toward their own eventual destruction which rules this new Dark Age.

Most people reading this will dismiss it as conspiracy theory as they are driven to oblivion without ever knowing or caring who is responsible or why.

Alan Edwards

Carson City

Do not be misled by false campaign ads

Looking back at history, the way candidates campaign and advertise themselves for election has changed rapidly, going from fliers, to radio, to television and finally the Internet.

One thing that has not changed, however, is the way candidates have conducted themselves when it comes to facing their rivals. Slanderous comments from one candidate about another can be dated back before the Civil War. Advertisements against one candidate that seem to be true can easily persuade those who are not yet certain about which candidate they’ll vote for.

People often overlook important qualities about candidates because of what they see in political commercials. Just because a candidate publicly says something about another does not, by any means, make it true. Candidates often will do or say whatever it takes to achieve their goal, whether it is to lie or exaggerate about the other.

What I’m asking for in the upcoming November elections is for honest voting. Make your decisions based on the issues you would like to see addressed in our government and based on who you think will do the best job making our state a better place to live. Do not make your decisions based on what you see on television, but by the facts.

Natalie Alltizer

Carson City

Carson Street should remain four lanes

I may not speak for everyone, but I’ll lay odds I speak for many. Make Carson Street into two lanes, and I will avoid it like the plague.

Gary Foxon

Carson City