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Letters to the editor Passion shown in prosecution of Mitchell appreciated

Last week 12 very responsible Carson City residents convicted David Mitchell and sentenced him to spend the rest of his life in prison.

I am close friends with Linda Bratton and her daughters and have been since before Sheila was murdered. I witnessed the anguish and frustration that they suffered at the hands of the previous district attorney who, for whatever reason, found every excuse to let this case sit on the “back burner.”

Linda and her daughters’ frustration came to an end in January when Mr. Rombardo took office. Immediately it became apparent that he was a “different” kind of prosecutor, someone who truly cared about the victims. For the first time in more than twenty years Sheila’s family was treated with the respect and compassion that they deserved.

I watched the trial. I witnessed the passion and commitment that Mr. Rombardo and Mr. Gardner brought to that courtroom. Their preparation and professionalism was nothing short of exemplary. Every prosecutor should try to live up to the standards that they set.

Finally the people of Carson City have the District Attorney that they deserve. They should be very proud of Mr. Rombardo and very proud of themselves for electing him to office.

Mr. Rombardo and Mr. Gardner, words cannot express my thanks for the dignity and concern that you continually showed toward Linda, her daughters and Sheila’s memory. Though nothing can bring Sheila back and nothing can fill the holes in the hearts of the people who loved her, you fiercely fought a battle for people who could not fight for themselves. You put an end to the frustration. You brought justice for Sheila.

Mr. Rombardo and Mr. Gardner I wish I knew a way to show my thanks, because thank you just doesn’t seem enough. You are truly heroes in my eyes and those of many others. God bless you both.

stanton lamb


Lack of bear boxes at Davis Creek keeping this camper away

Vandals are getting younger and younger. My car was vandalized by an 18-month old at Davis Creek Campsite last week. He was big and he was black. He was a bear!

We were camping and per the ranger’s request we put our food inside the car. During the night we heard the ruckus of the bear trying to get into my Buick. He succeeded to remove molding from the windows. My car was not the only car vandalized. My campmate was terrified when the bear came to her tent and sniffed around.

I was informed that tranquilizing and relocating the bear was not an answer. I was also informed that bear boxes were not going to be installed due to the cost. What is more costly: a bear box or a person’s life or property.

Trying to get away and relax is impossible with a young bear that does not fear people. We will not be visiting Davis Creek until bear boxes are installed.

lori edwards


Bears, as natural predators, are invading our habitat

Here we go again! Another newspaper article on how we (humans) are the cause of all of the problems with the bears vandalizing our property and attacking us in our homes.

All bears are predators. They will eat anything that they can get their paws on. They also follow the law of “survival of the fittest.” Bears will do whatever it takes to get food for themselves.

In the Aug. 12th article (Shooting death of bear at Lake Tahoe criticized) Ann Bryant made some statements that criticized the man who defended his family against a large predator (the bear) that was looking for food. How dare she chastise someone for protecting his wife and child against a wild beast that broke into his home. It is clear to me that Ms. Bryant has never been involved in any situation where she has had to make a choice between saving herself (or her family) or protecting the predator (animal or human) threatening her. Her statements were simply foolish.

In the August 15 article (Bear calls flooding state wildlife dispatch) Carl Lackey states “We need people to use bear-proof garbage cans and restrict other human food sources for bears.” Let me get this right. We should put all garbage in expensive bear-proof containers; destroy all of our fruit trees; never feed our pets outside our homes; spray foul smelling fluids in and around the trash cans and generally remove anything (from our property) that a wandering bear may find appetizing.

Well Mr. Lackey, after we remove all of the food sources from the outside of our homes, where does the predator bear then go to search for food? Not where they came from as they are down here looking for food. How about INSIDE our homes? These bears will do what ever it takes to get food. That is nature.

Like it or not, the human is at the top of the food chain. We got there by not letting other predators eat us. Mr. Lackey is wrong in saying that we live in the bear’s habitat. The bears are invading and vandalizing our habitat.

marshall goldy


Guide available to talk with teens about drinking

As parents prepare their children for a new school year, it is important to talk about the challenges children and teens might face, including peer pressure to drink alcohol.

Research shows that parents do have the power to influence their children’s decisions in this area. According to the GfK Roper Youth Report, 71 percent of 8 to 17 year olds cite their parents as the No. 1 influence on whether they drink alcohol or not.

That’s why Capital Beverages Inc. offers Family Talk About Drinking, a free guide designed to encourage open and honest communications between parents and children to help prevent underage drinking.

A 2007 survey by Data Development Worldwide survey found that 93 percent of parents who have used the Family Talk About Drinking would recommend the program to other parents.

Progress is being made in the fight against underage drinking and teen drunk driving as the result of sound educational programs such as these, along with effective law enforcement. According to the partnership for a Drug-Free America, all measures of teen alcohol use have declined since 1998. Here in Nevada, 83 percent of 12 to 17 year olds do not drink, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

All of us have a role to play in continuing this progress. We encourage parents to request a free copy of Family Talk, at familytalkonline.com or by calling 1-800-359-TALK.

jason brown

general manager

capital beverages, inc.

Carson City

Headline raised many gray hairs busy working in Carson City

I am one, I’m sure of many, who object to the under-headline called: The graying of Carson – and what’s being done to stop it on Tuesday’s front page.

In fact, I am also sure that you are raising many hairs on gray-haired Carsonites with this story. All of your young folks may not realize that Carson City is the charming, friendly, open city that it is today because of gray-haireds who make this city what it is. We aren’t the ones who discourage growth and expansion – it’s the younger people who don’t yet have as many gray hairs as we do. I suppose you might realize that there is great wisdom that comes with each gray hair.

You quote one city official as saying, “People ages 25 to 45 have a way of defining communities.” That may be partly so, but remember that about 20 years ago the people who defined Carson were in that age bracket. I’ve only been planted in Carson for three years, but as a very busy, working gray-haired in the community, I am contributing to what Carson is and was. You’d best take a poll of us gray-haireds before giving everyone the opinion (if possible) that we need to be phased out in favor of some of the younger, inexperienced, unmannered, impolite, uncaring people who greet us as we live our lives here in Carson. I don’t know Governor Gibbons, but when I look at his hair I see gray. Sometimes his wisdom may be in question, but nevertheless he as elected because he had experience and we thought he would use his wisdom to guide us.

To us gray-haireds, I say, don’t get out the bottles of dye yet. Let’s be proud of ourselves in our ages of wisdom.

shannon mcrae, ph.d.

Carson City

Thank heavens DMV took away that license plate

Thank goodness the Nevada DMV has taken Stacy Moore’s XSTACY license plate away from her.

I was leading a normal, productive life until I saw that plate. Immediately upon seeing it, I was inexplicably and uncontrollably driven to consume the drug we all know it refers to. Several weeks later, I find myself unemployed, and living by the river in a Ford Pinto.

Naturally, being a good citizen, I attempted to do the right thing and sue Ms. Moore for ruining my life. But when I showed my attorney a picture of the plate, he, too, developed a wild desire for the drug, his life crumbled, and now lives next to me in an old Dodge Power Wagon.

We are both currently looking for a sight-impaired attorney to handle our case. In the mean time, since we can only afford one stamp, please thank the DMV for us, for acting so courageously.

robert frenchu

Carson City

Mound House traffic just one of residents’ many concerns

We the “Citizens” and “Residents” of Mound House would like to advise you of the traffic problems that have and continue to occur in the Mound House area around Highlands Drive and Red Rock Road. We currently meet the first Tuesday of each month at the Old Fire House on Red Rock Road, in which we are a growing community and have very limited space there. A community center would be nice place to have our meetings, but because of money issues and promises that were made, then taken away, we are stuck at the Fire House.

We have asked for your help, assistance and support in trying to get a traffic light to help with the traffic congestion in our area. We attend the Mound House Advisory Council meetings each month and among the attendees have been the Lyon County Sheriffs Department, Nevada Highway Patrol, Nevada Department of Transportation, Lyon County Parks and Recreation, Lyon County Utilities and several Mound House residents.

Traffic is only going to get worse with all the new construction and homes going in Dayton, Stagecoach and Silver Springs area. There have been several accidents at the intersection of Red Rock Road and Highlands Drive and we are trying to prevent anyone else being hurt or even killed. The speed limit in Mound House is 45 mph and people drive 55-65 mph with no consideration for anyone else.

A huge “Thank You” to Jeannette Wright for corresponding with the Lyon County Sheriffs Department and the Nevada Highway Patrol to patrol more in the Mound House area, their presence has helped with the “speeders” making them slow down.

Mr. Bob Milz has been invited to the council meetings several times, of which he has only shown up to one meeting. We understand that not everyone can be made available to attend all the time, but an effort and some communication can go a long way. We have contacted Mr. Milz several times and have not had a response from him. We feel as if we are being pushed to the side and put back on the shelf!

There is supposed to be a meeting set up between NDOT, members of the advisory council, residents of Mound House and the Lyon County Commissioners to discuss the traffic issues in Mound House. NDOT was able to contact and get responses from only two out of the five Lyon County Commissioners. How can we vote people in like this and then they just ignore our concerns and issues.

If you would like to address our concerns and issues, please come to our next advisory council Meeting in September to listen to some of the problems and concerns we are having in Mound House. We understand that all of you were elected in by Lyon County Residents, please do not disappoint us.

diane and jerry jaramillo

Mound House

Time to start taking pride in ‘American made’

This letter is being written because there is a growing problem that needs to be addressed. Why do we need to subject our animals, kids and ourselves to dangerous toxins? The recent recall of toys produced from China is another problem that America has to face. We have endured the pet food contamination, seafood contamination and now the toy recall because of lead-based paint. When do we say “enough is enough?” Why are we buying products from foreign places when there are factories being shut down in our own country due to economics? Why is our government not on top of protecting us from these dangers? It’s time we learn to start taking pride in American made. Our own family has been guilty of opting for the lesser-priced foreign-made items instead of buying American made. As a parent, grandparent and great-grandparent, I with my family feel it is time to start buying “MADE IN AMERICA”. We need to take a stand in protecting our families and our country. Remember, it only takes one family.

paul webster

Carson City

Will casino really be hard to find without its reader board

Isn’t there some ludicrous contradiction here? Jethro is so blinking famous that his Beverly Hillbillies Casino is sure to attract throngs of tourists from all over the country and all over the world.

But they won’t be able to find it without a gigantic, hideous, light-flashing “reader board?” Come on, Max. Which is it?

larry taylor

Carson City