Liberal, conservative? Press has given up |

Liberal, conservative? Press has given up

R. ROBERTS, Gardnerville

Great to see conservative Bob Thomas go at it with liberal Sam Bauman! Both right, yet wrong. When Thomas calls the media liberal, I’m convinced he’s referring to the newspaper editorials and the three major TV networks. I can understand why Bauman defends most professional journalists when accused of being biased liberals, because during his younger days, he and other journalists were probably instilled with the responsibility of reporting the facts to avoid editorializing.

However, when Bauman says that an editor or writer would never get away with “playing to a liberal or conservative bias,” he must either be talking about the old days or the gang at the Appeal. If Bauman believes that the Washington Post and Time are not biased toward the liberal viewpoint, then he’s been hibernating for 40 years.

The fault with both liberal and conservative purists (Hi, Rush!) is that they’re both more concerned with finding fault with the other party and rationalizing their own party’s blunders and crimes than seeking the truth. Occasionally, both parties rally to cover up the scandals of both; for example, the CIA’s drug-dealing operation during and since the Vietnam war; specifically, the disgraceful and criminal drug-smuggling activities occurring at Mena, Ark., in the 1980s when Vice President George Bush organized the weapons-for-drugs smuggling operated by Ollie North with the cooperation of Governor Bill Clinton.

This November, are we getting rid of one scoundrel only to replace him with another, namely, George W. Jr., the son of CIA George Sr., or do we get Al “Robo-Cop” Gore? Why, Mr. Bauman, has the self-annointed “scrupulous” press remained silent about Mena and the widespread drug money-laundering by the major U.S. banks? Yes, the press has lost its credibility. I guess the silence is to prevent public panic. Liars use the same rationalization too. The press is silent about the most important problem we have – the doping of America and the Americans responsible for it.