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Loss of Clear Creek camp is a sad day

the Nevada Appeal Editorial Board

The story in Saturday’s Appeal contained all the relevant facts about the impending removal of all the buildings at the old Clear Creek Youth Center, but there’s no way an article can capture what that news really means.

The Clear Creek Youth Center is part of local history, an enchanting place under tall pines where thousands of youths formed happy memories and learned valuable life lessons. For years, it has been used for meetings and gathering of groups, including Boy and Girl Scouts, Nevada Girls State and church gatherings.

It’s a shameful statement about state lawmakers and land managers that this resource was allowed to lapse into such disrepair, prompting the news on Friday. In fact, it leads to a logical question of what other state properties have they allowed to fall into similar states of neglect.

Sadly, because of the years of mismanagement, the decision on Friday was understandable. It would cost from $4 million to $11 million to rehabilitate it, and there are other pressing needs in Nevada that need funding. The $1.4 million allocated to the site will be used for the demolition.

Just because the camp will be gone does not mean we should forget about the site. There’s little doubt the property will be attractive to developers. But it would be a disservice to Nevada’s residents if the property were sold and the money tossed into the state’s general fund.

The buildings may be gone, but this special place can still create wonderful memories for families.