Lucky Spur can boost downtown |

Lucky Spur can boost downtown

Nevada Appeal editorial board

We’re happy to see any new business that helps spur the redevelopment of Carson City’s downtown, but right at the top of the list has to be plans by Michael Stewart and Scott Johnson to renovate the Lucky Spur.

For the better part of two decades, the Spur has been a sore spot on Carson Street. For much of that time, admittedly, its darkened doors were part of a fairly bleak landscape. It didn’t look so out of place.

For the past half-dozen years, however — as redevelopment began to take hold, buildings were renovated and storefronts filled, and improvements made to the city-owned portions of downtown — the Lucky Spur began to stand out as the last of the empty shells.

Two years ago, with their patience running thin, city officials changed their downtown redevelopment rules to allow them to go after the Lucky Spur. If it wasn’t developed, the city would begin to seek developers for it.

Now, that apparently won’t be necessary. Owner George Halyak has a deal with Stewart and Johnson, who plan to buy the property and refurbish into a sports-themed casino and micro-brewery.

We’re hoping for a successful resolution to what could have been a sticky problem.

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City leaders and redevelopment supporters — who, as far as we know, are all staunch defenders of individual property rights — never relished the idea of city government forcing its hand on the Lucky Spur. They just wanted something to happen.

If the new owners can keep to their timetable, the new business in the old building could be ready for Nevada Day. We’re always looking for another reason, and place, to celebrate.