Malia Grizoffi: Abortion is a women’s choice issue |

Malia Grizoffi: Abortion is a women’s choice issue

Malia Grizoffi

One of the most controversial topics across our nation is whether or not it should be the woman’s choice to terminate her pregnancy, or, Pro-Life versus Pro-Choice.

The Pro-Life side asserts that all life is precious and that abortion should be illegal. The Pro-Choice side argues that it should be the woman’s choice on how to proceed with her pregnancy.

Something as big as abortion should be the woman’s choice.

There are many anti-abortionists who will go to Planned Parenthood facilities and protest those entering for having an abortion because many think that since the fetus has no voice of its own that they must speak for it. A strong argument for this case is that “no one truly knows when life begins.”

Now, while this may be an accurate statement, it is not grounds for stopping a woman from doing what she wishes with her body. A fetus cannot survive on its own, its existence is dependant on the mother. The argument that a fetus is alive at the moment of conception is misguided. In the Roe V. Wade case it was determined that a fetus is not living until it reaches the stages of development where it can survive outside of the womb. Therefore, the moment of conception is not the start of life, just the start of development.

There are, however, those who believe that an abortion is acceptable if the pregnancy is product of a rape. If one is going to advocate for the life of a fetus then it should not matter how the fetus was conceived. One fetus’ life should not be more important than another just because of circumstances.

Another argument against abortion is that adoption is a much safer alternative for those who do not wish to be parents. What many people do not understand is that just giving birth in a hospital can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $37,000. Not to mention the numerous costs during the actual pregnancy. If a woman knows that she will not be able to afford a child and take care of it properly, then no shame should come to her for choosing the smartest decision for her and the fetus’s future.

Many Pro-Life supporters say that if abortion were to be legal then it would just be used as a form of birth control. This is not the case when many other forms of contraceptives are cheaper, more accessible, and safer. Abortion is not a woman’s “go-to” for birth control. Making abortions illegal will not stop them from happening; it will just increase the number of unsafe attempts at abortions, leading to serious injury, sterilization, and death. Making something illegal does not stop it from happening, it just causes people to find alternative means. When an abortion is performed by a trained professional it is a safe procedure that has a less than 0.01 percent mortality rate, making it one of the safest medical procedures that can be performed.

Unless the people who gather outside of Planned Parenthood plan to tell the women going in that they will pay all of their medical bills and take care of the child once it’s born, then they should just mind their own business. If the mother decides that terminating a pregnancy is the best course of action, then it should be her right to do so. The government and complete strangers should have no say in such a personal matter. No one likes being told what to do with their own lives, so why is it okay to try and tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her own body?

Malia Grizoffi is a Carson City college student.