Maybe science can create a container |

Maybe science can create a container

BOB ROBERTS, Gardnerville

Columnist Bob Thomas condemns the media for siding with doomsayers to spread anti-nuke propaganda and thereby create unwarranted panic amongst us Nevada ignoramuses.

Bob insists it’s “ignorant” and “dishonest” to believe that nuke waste can’t be shipped and stored safely. Bob says, “Let science solve our problems.”

Yes, science may solve the nuke waste storage danger some day, but when? As of this writing, science has not yet found a safe container for storing the millions of tons of this lethal garbage. In the meantime, we are supposed to become guinea pigs until science comes up with the right answer. Better yet, let’s consider storage in Nevada after a solution is found.

If Brother Thomas were better informed, he would be equally disturbed about the dismal track record of the coalition of nuke industry, DOE and NRA. Their propaganda, lies and lies-by-omission have resulted in contamination of ground-water-air, slovenly waste cleanup and huge nuclear plant cost over-runs.

As in the fable of the “Boy Who Cried Wolf,” only a fool trusts the word of an habitual liar, whether he be a president, a nuke industry or government agency. Mr. Thomas, you have a bureaucratic mentality without even knowing it. For the sake of all Nevadans, please consider retirement to Fantasy Island. You might take Senator Jacobsen with you.