Medicare refuses to pay ambulance bill |

Medicare refuses to pay ambulance bill

D. PRATT, Carson City

In response to Dennis Ritchie’s letter of Dec. 1, Good advice to carry one’s info in case of emergency.

About a year ago, we had that emergency. My husband fell in our home, was hurt bad, unable to get up and bleeding internally. I could not lift him. And I don’t think a taxi driver would do it either. I was so glad we had CC-Care ambulance service insurance. So I called them. They came right away and were very caring for my husband. The hospital kept him overnight and wanted him to stay longer.

To get to the point, a few weeks later, we got the surprise. The bill was close to $700 for the ambulance. I called them to ask what about the insurance we had for this service. I was told they had billed Medicare and they refused payment, saying it was not an emergency. I didn’t know Medicare was involved in this. So rather than argue with Medicare, we paid the bill.

What do the ones under 65 do without Medicare for them to bill. Can you explain that to me? We still have the CC-Care insurance plan we hope we will never have to use, but one never knows.