Meeting showed Carson cares enough to solve gang problems |

Meeting showed Carson cares enough to solve gang problems

About 200 Carson City residents took an important first step Friday night in destroying a blight on the city.

But the community meeting was just a step in a journey of miles to get rid of gangs in Carson City.

And the difficult part is yet to come.

Emotions ran high at Friday’s meeting because it was less than a month removed from a fatal and yet-unsolved gang shooting on the eve of Nevada Day festivities. There may not be another gang shooting for months, maybe years if we’re lucky. But that doesn’t mean the problem has gone away. It will be critical for people to stay involved.

That begins with parents, who must meddle in their children’s lives and create nurturing home environments. On Monday, some of those parents, spurred on by the meeting last week, went to Carson High School to inquire if there were any signs their children were involved in gangs.

Other members of the community can get involved in the Carson City Community Coalition, which will be forming to combat not just gangs, but the social issues that make gang activity appealing for our youth.

And it’s also up to schools, law enforcement and city leaders to send a no-tolerance message to gangs. The Sheriff’s Department cannot do it on its own, but it is an important part of the equation and must have the needed resources.

It may seem unlikely that all of this can be accomplished, but failure is not an option. If gangs are allowed to thrive, they will undercut everything positive that is being built in Carson City.

That will only happen if residents allow it, and Friday night’s turnout was a sign they won’t.

If you want to be involved with finding solutions, contact Javier Ramirez at 887-2101, ext. 1209.