Most don’t trust investigation on Waco |

Most don’t trust investigation on Waco

PAULA LUCK, Silver Springs

Have you noticed how all the fire has suddenly disappeared over Waco? Has

the death of 80-plus American men, woman and children at the hands of our Justice Department and possibly the military been so quickly forgotten?

Congressman Burton said “So we’re going to be taking a broader look at this

in our investigation than I think Senator Danforth will.” Danforth has

already limited his investigation.

Also his first action was to appoint Edward Dowd as his deputy in chief investigator. Dowd was not only a Clinton employee, he was a very harsh gun-control man in the state of Missouri, fighting against the concealed weapon referendum, which last year was just narrowly defeated.

Danforth has also voted in the past with Democrats for gun control. Can we trust this investigation to Danforth exclusively?

So last week we ran another poll at asking: What should

Congress do in light of the new revelations in Waco?

Thoroughly investigate themselves (even though Sen. Danforth is investigating)? 99%

Trust Danforth to investigate as independent counsel? 0.9%

Poll ended Sept. 23. Total votes 534

Please join us in encouraging Congress to continue with this investigation.

We need to find the TRUTH.