Moving in the right (traffic) direction |

Moving in the right (traffic) direction

Nevada Appeal editorial board

We’re glad to see the Carson City Regional Transportation Commission moving toward purchase of important pieces of property at the north end of Stewart Street.

The most important piece is First Christian Church, at John Street, because it is key to solving the puzzle of making Stewart Street a more viable option for traffic through downtown.

By eventually providing a link to Roop Street via Moody, Stewart Street can do a better job of taking the load off both Carson and Roop streets.

We know the freeway link from Highway 395 to Highway 50 is still years away. Plans to punch a route through the First Christian property are probably at least a couple of years away from completion, as well.

But there will always be a need to make the Stewart-Moody-Roop connection, and the church property is for sale now. The price, $790,000, seems reasonable, especially if the city can negotiate a land swap so First Christian will have a workable site to relocate when the time comes.

The Transportation Commission still has key projects on the drawing boards, such as widening of Roop Street and improvements to Curry Street, to help move traffic north and south through town.

The church property will be a good example of planning ahead by commissioners. Be patient, Carson City drivers. Solutions are in sight.