NANCY DALLAS: Why I will vote the Republican ticket in Nov. |

NANCY DALLAS: Why I will vote the Republican ticket in Nov.

Nancy Dallas
For the Nevada Appeal

I am a lifelong Republican and devout believer in the basic Republican tenets. Some Republican candidates fit my definition of those tenets better than others; however, not all of those candidates came out winners in their primary contest.

Regardless, I will vote the straight Republican ticket when I go to the ballot box in November.

I admire people who “walk their talk” by openly standing up for and actively promoting and supporting the principles in which they truly believe, even when it may alienate a good many of their compatriots.

I admire those who openly and actively dedicate themselves to supporting the candidates of their choice.

It is what often happens when the Republican candidate of a supporter’s choice does not survive the primary election that disappoints and angers me. I have no admiration for a Republican who claims they believe in the doctrines of the Republican Party and then vows, on principle, to not vote for the Republican candidate in the general election.

If this country is going to ever return to its Republican-based principles and Constitutional roots, Republican idealism must end with the counting of the primary votes. There comes a point in time when one must seriously consider the alternatives and consequences of not voting for Republican candidates in the general election.

That time is now. The lessons of the past two elections – and corresponding and continuing abuse and demise of the basic foundations upon which this country was created – should be lesson enough.

If the Republicans do not regain the necessary numbers in the coming elections, this once Grand Old Party will remain relegated to the political bench.

I am not writing this to preach one view over another as to who is right or wrong in regards to their conservative or moderate Republican positions. I am not going to argue the pro’s and cons of a candidate signing or not signing a no- new-taxes pledge. Nor am I either advocating or demeaning any element of the Tea Party movement. These issues have been debated to death. The voters have spoken.

It is time for Republicans to acknowledge the wishes of the voters. They must unite and actively promote, support and vote for each of those Republicans elected to participate in the general election.

If you truly believe in the basic Republican principles, consider this: Would you rather be dealing with a few Republican “rascals” or continue down the current path of dealing with the results of veto-proof Democrat majorities – all for the sake of idealism.

The potential consequences are simply too threatening to waste a single Republican vote this November.

• Nancy Dallas is a Lyon County publisher and editor.