Navy aviators more important than cui ui |

Navy aviators more important than cui ui


An article in your Saturday, Dec. 18 edition entitled, “Report slams Navy’s water use,” quotes Senator Harry Reid as saying he asked the General Accounting Office to investigate whether the Navy in Fallon was violating the 1990 Truckee River Negotiated Settlement that required it to cut water usage. Senator Reid goes on to say, “Simply stated, we waited 10 years for the Navy to do the right thing. They’ve agreed to do it now. Their getting that water is history. We need this in the river.”

Captain Rogers, who is the commanding officer of the Fallon Naval Air Station, has said that the GAO report was not complete, and that the Navy is working on compliance. Plans are to save about 2,000 acre feet next year which will leave 4,400 acre feet for the Navy to use.

If, as mentioned in the article, there is some element of the “settlement” that is not correct or is misleading, it would seem logical to me that Senator Reid would keep quiet until the Navy and the GAO have both been able to evaluate the report (which is identified as a draft).

The purpose of the green belt around the runways and taxiways is to reduce the intensity of the sand and dust that are death on aircraft engines, and consequently on pilots. Apparently Senator Reid has been in Washington, D.C. so long that he has forgotten that sand, dust and wind are a fundamental part of Nevada. Or, perhaps he believes that cui ui fish are much more important than the safety of the Naval aviators who are in Fallon to learn and perfect the techniques needed to protect Harry and the rest of us from the “bozos” of the world.

Oh yes, I forgot! Few if any of the Naval aviators at Fallon can vote for Senator Reid, but the keepers of the cui ui can. I’m sorry, Senator. I guess the Navy and I just don’t have our priorities as straight as yours!