Neil Weaver: It’s time for an independent investigation of airport |

Neil Weaver: It’s time for an independent investigation of airport

Neil Weaver

I am on record since the beginning of my latest appointment to the Carson City Airport Authority Board as saying that I believe the Airport Authority needs to be investigated.

When I began my latest tenure on the Authority, numerous complaints and concerns were expressed about its affairs. After my appointment as chairman of the Authority, I requested information on an investigation from airport counsel. I received no response or information. I then approached our mayor and supervisors Aldean and Staub, telling them of the various problems that I knew to exist. No help was forthcoming. I then requested from the mayor and the supervisors (all of the supervisors) that they please appoint members to the Authority with expertise in matters germane to airports and not people seeking to pad their political resume. That did not work either. The purpose of this column is not to air the dirty laundry of the CCAA, but to inform the public, who ultimately owns the airport, of major potential problems past, present and in the future, if the current path is followed.

Millions of dollars are at stake here for the community, the vast majority of which come from federal funding; however, the CCAA must still generate match money to pay for these grants. This board (4 years) has done nothing to increase its revenue stream since a land swap/lease with Mr. Tom Gonzales approximately three years ago and the $50 fee from the Nevada Museum of Military History. What they have done, however, is to operate the Authority in a manner not consistent with Open Meeting Laws, Roberts Book of Rules and possibly Nevada Revised Statute. It is essential for the health of the airport that emphasis be placed upon a viable revenue stream that would match or exceed the cost of doing business. The CCAA is not in such a position.

In the interest of doing the public’s business, I have been made to pay greatly for the mistake of challenging certain individuals. I was ostracized, left out of communications and certainly not provided pertinent information, which would have allowed me to continue to actively participate in airport matters.

I am appealing to the owners of the Carson City Airport, the citizens of Carson City, to call for an independent investigation of all activities of the Carson City Airport Authority past & present.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this. Call the mayor, call your supervisors and request an investigation. It’s your property, its your government, it’s your chance.

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Neil A. Weaver, owner of Weaver Aircraft, resigned Thursday from the Carson City Airport Authority after serving eight years.