New member named to school sex advisory board |

New member named to school sex advisory board

by Teri Vance, Appeal Staff Writer

Most of the teenage girls who visit Dr. Sandra Koch are sexually active and some are pregnant, she told school board members Tuesday night in her bid to be appointed to the school sex education committee.

Her experience as an obstetrician-gynecologist will benefit the school district’s Family Life Advisory Committee, she said.

“I certainly bring a lot of expertise to the committee,” she said. “I’m sure I’ll have some opinions to share and some medical knowledge to lend.”

Board members voted to appoint Koch to the vacant position, but trustee Sheila Ward cast a “no” vote.

Ward asked Koch if she would approve a comprehensive sex education program that did not explain how to use condoms.

Koch responded that she would have to first review the program.

“I felt that she hedged on the question,” Ward explained. “I’m for giving parents more choices, not just opting out of it. I would have liked to have seen more candidates.”

The position for a member of the medical community was opened up when Sherry Alexander resigned last year.

Members of the committee are appointed by the school board and typically serve three years.

Koch will serve the final year of Alexander’s term.

Koch, who graduated from medical school in 1983 and has practiced in Carson City for 12 years, said it is not the role of the school district to prevent students from having sex.

“Each person has to be responsible for their own actions,” she said. “I would just like to arm everyone in our society with the knowledge to be responsible for their decisions and be accountable for them.”

Members of the Family Life Committee review information being taught to students in sex education classes and update outdated information.

The committee will hold its first meeting this year 6 p.m. Oct. 2 in the board room of the Carson City School District.

Chairwoman Jackie Green said members will be working on developing a standard permission slip to be sent home to parents.

Although all committee positions are filled, those interested in serving in the future should call the human resources department at 283-2110.