New school board member named |

New school board member named

by Teri Vance

Tyler Clarke, a lifetime resident of Virginia City and 10-year member of the Reno Police Department, was selected Tuesday as the fifth member of the Storey County School Board.

“I’m very pleased,” Clarke said. “This is a small enough community that one person really can make a difference.”

Clarke defeated Malcolm Hunt for the seat that was left vacant when former board member Tom Purkey resigned Dec. 17.

All board members agreed that it was a difficult decision to make.

“I think we made a heck of a great decision,” said Board Member Ed Diedrich. “Of course, we couldn’t go wrong with the choices today.”

In his interview with the board, Clarke said the school system should return to the basics in stressing reading, writing and arithmetic.

“I see too often people coming out of the school system that are having problems with the written word,” he said. “In order to communicate, you have to be able to write. You have to be able to read.”

He said he also wants to change students’ image of law enforcement from strictly authoritative.

He said law-enforcement officers should be more involved with the school system and spend time just sitting in the lunchroom with the children.

Clarke, who also coaches junior varsity boys basketball at the high school, said he wants to be able to contribute to the community where he grew up.

“I’m proud of my background here,” he said. “Most of the teachers here were my teachers.”

Board President Carol McCracken said she thinks Clarke will be an asset to the board.

“He’s a very respected member of the community,” she said. “He’ll be a great addition to the board.”

Clarke has a four-year-old daughter and he and his wife are expecting another child.

All five board seats are up for election this years. So far, none of the board members have decided whether or not to run again.