New Year: A time to celebrate and reflect on you |

New Year: A time to celebrate and reflect on you

By Carson City Health and Human Services

This last year began like any other; celebration of a new year along with the routine of school, work, and life. By the end of February 2020, the year had taken a dramatic turn with the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic across the United States and world.

With the pending transition into 2021, we are presented with an opportunity to reflect and celebrate. While many will make New Year’s resolutions for some level of self-improvement, consider challenging yourself to go deeper. Use the move to this next year to identify three things about yourself:

Something you want to keep;

Something you want to leave behind; and

Something you want to strive toward.

When we look back on the previous year, it is often easier to identify the things we wish we would not have done or all the changes we wish we would have made. Take a different approach this year; start 2021 by celebrating you! Reflect on the positive things you contribute to the world around you and the things you like about yourself. When you review the list, be proud of the incredible person you are and identify at least one of these things you want to “keep” in 2021.

Next, take a brief moment to identify a single thing about yourself that you would like to leave in 2020. Maybe you want to leave behind a pessimistic attitude or a tobacco addiction. Once you have identified the part of you to leave in 2020, tell someone so they can encourage and help you let go of this part of you. Set realistic expectations for yourself as it is hard to leave behind something that is a habit. Do not be discouraged if you slip back into the habit, but rather identify what may have contributed to this slip and set forth a plan to not let that thing keep you from being the you that you want to be in 2021.

Finally, look forward and identify one thing you want to strive for in 2021. Maybe you want to laugh more, pay off a debt, begin volunteering, stop using tobacco products, or finish school Whatever your goal, it is an investment in you. You are worth the investment because you are important. When we set goals, they require tenacity, initiative, and sometimes creativity to help them become a reality. This part of you is more likely to become a reality if you identify realistic steps to make it happen and tell someone else about your goal so they can help hold you accountable.  

This has been an incredibly challenging year and you are something worth celebrating. Enjoy some time reflecting on all the things that make you wonderful and the things you are striving to achieve. You are worth it.

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