Nuke site inevitable, so make best of it |

Nuke site inevitable, so make best of it


I admit it, I wimped out. I didn’t attend the EIS hearing regarding nuclear waste held in Carson City. I don’t mind speaking in public. I guess I just decided an appearance would be pointless. Why have people throw things at you in front of 75 kids?

No, I don’t want nuclear waste in Nevada! There is, however, a practical side to my nature that suggests when we taxpayers (and electrical rate payers who use nuclear generated electricity) buy a six to eight billion dollar hole in the Nevada desert, something is going to be put there. It is just a matter of time.

Nuclear waste in Nevada is an emotional issue. I would suggest purposely so, we have a couple of senators who have made a living on the subject. Nuclear waste is the “third rail” of Nevada politics. Even politicians who are firmly grounded in reality have the common sense to avoid “that rail.”

In my view, nuclear waste is a given at Yucca Mountain. Thousands of Nevadans who infrequently poke their heads above the horizon generally agree the issue is when, not if. We need to get something out of this nuclear burial.

For openers, an annual transfer of money – you fill in the amount – from the U.S. Treasury to the Nevada Treasury. The feds pay all costs and assume liability for dump operation and storage. Nevada will receive all royalties from recycling. The feds will finance the world’s best nuclear research facility on the management and application of nuclear energy at UNLV. Yes, folks, those fossil fuels will be gone someday.

Before the door of “opportunity” slams shut, let’s ask our leaders to negotiate the best possible deal for the citizens of Nevada.