Officers, remember: It’s protect and serve |

Officers, remember: It’s protect and serve

PAMELA BASS, Carson City

I am a life-long resident of Carson City. I am active in the community. I pay taxes in Carson City and give donations to any fund raisers that help my community.

Over the years, I have witnessed events and I have heard stories that have lessened my respect for the Carson City Sheriff’s Department and Nevada Highway Patrol. After my recent personal experience with the Sheriff’s Department and Nevada Highway Patrol, my respect for the authorities in our community is gone.

The “Gestapo” attitude of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office and Nevada Highway Patrol is taking away from the motto of “Protect and serve.”

We have let many issues pertaining to the rights of people taken into custody or people being questioned by the police to be “left up to the discretion of the office.”

Are we letting the people we depend on to “protect and serve” run amuck? Especially reserve police who take advantage of the trust and duty given to them by the taxpayers of this community.

Our rights as citizens of not only Nevada but the United States of America can be taken away because it’s left to the “discretion of the officer.” They can do whatever they want – then hide behind their badges. I believe we owe it to ourselves and others in our community to pay attention to what is happening to the people who find themselves in the custody of the authorities. Some day you might find yourself in their custody and be up to their mercy or the discretion of the officer.

What I saw was unprofessional to say the least.

If a loved one calls you from 901 E. Musser, get them out asap. Tough love to leave them in there might be too costly a price to pay later.