One region, one vision – not government |

One region, one vision – not government

MICHAEL WARD, Gardnerville

Re Amanda Hammon’s Oct. 10 article.

I would like to comment upon the “One region, one vision” story which appeared Sunday in the Appeal.

The idea of communities helping one another – as expressed by Mr. Curtis, Ms. Evart and others – is an excellent one. Sensible, cooperative development is an idea whose time has come. Regional cooperation aimed at economic development benefiting everyone within a geographical area is laudable.

I should, however, like to offer a caveat. This kind of thing – as long as it is voluntary, amongst business groups and local governments – is commendable and should work. If, however, it evolves into something controlled by a state or federal agency, then Nevada could conceivably be confronted by yet another layer of stifling, central planning as has happened in Oregon.