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Ordinance a sign city is getting tough on crime

The city’s plan to hold homeowners and landlords responsible for lawlessness at their properties is not only a good idea, it’s a message from city leaders that there will be no tolerance for crime.

And, in a time of escalating gang violence and drug use, that’s exactly the right message to send.

The Social Host Liability Ordinance will not be the solution to those problems, but it’s a step in the right direction. It would fine people who “conduct, aid, allow, permit or condone” gatherings where lawlessness occurs. They would also have to pay the cost of emergency response if it’s required for at least the second time within a year.

Responsible homeowners and landlords would have little to worry about from the ordinance, but those whose properties are a source of crime or trouble to those living nearby will have to make some changes. Neighbors and the community as a whole will benefit.

The city should not only move forward on this ordinance, but look for other ways to amplify the message that people who commit crimes in Carson City will be held accountable.

That’s not the message that’s out there now, as detectives continue to struggle to crack a code of silence and make an arrest in the gang shooting on Oct. 27. Those detectives need all the help they can get.