Past Headlines 10/10/06 |

Past Headlines 10/10/06

Headlines from a year ago:

Dog dies in Sutro house fire

A fire on South Sutro Terrace in North Carson City claimed the life of a family pet and destroyed the garage and a portion of the kitchen Monday morning.

Battalion Chief Richard Chrzanowski said the fire appears to have started in the garage on the east side of the brick home, built on an acre of land overlooking Carson City.

“I heard the sound of breaking glass, and when I went out to look, I saw the garage door had fallen,” said neighbor Mary Santori.

Santori said, at first glance she didn’t see any smoke. It was only when she went back inside then heard “all this poppin’,” that she looked out again and saw flames.

Augustine’s former husband exhumed today

The remains of slain Nevada state Controller Kathy Augustine’s former husband will be exhumed today so investigators can look for traces of a paralyzing drug believed to have used to kill Augustine.

Workers plan to raise the casket of Charles Augustine at a cemetery in Las Vegas in a probe involving Chaz Higgs, Kathy Augustine’s last husband, coroner’s spokeswoman Samantha Charles said Monday.

Clark County Coroner Michael Murphy said medical examiners intend to obtain tissue samples in an investigation of whether Charles Augustine died in 2003 from complications from a stroke – the cause listed on his death certificate.

Charles Augustine’s adult son, Greg Augustine, 36, said he would not attend the exhumation. But he called it crucial to answering lingering questions about whether Higgs played a role in his father’s death.

Update: No sign of foul play was discovered.