Past headlines 10/25 |

Past headlines 10/25

Headlines from a year ago:

Transportation group passes first funding recommendations

The commission looking for ways to fund Nevada’s road-building needs made its first recommendations Tuesday.

But they’re still well short of ways to raise the estimated $280 million a year needed to cover estimated costs over the next decade. And they stumbled over motions to increase gasoline taxes and other fees to provide the balance needed to erase the shortfall.

The Blue Ribbon Task Force was created by Gov. Kenny Guinn to find ways to make up a projected $3.8 billion shortfall in transportation construction funding over the next decade.

Update: Gibbons rejected the recommendations of a blue ribbon task force which spent a year developing funding sources to cover the projected $3.8 billion in construction needed over the next decade. He said he would not support tax or fee increases. A compromise developed with lawmakers instead takes money from existing sources generating enough money to bond for just under $2 billion in construction. At the same time, lawmakers urged the Department of Transportation to do cost-benefit analyses on projects. All agree they will be revisiting transportation needs in the 2009 session.

Officers to visit sex offenders on Halloween

Tier Level 2 and 3 Nevada sex offenders can expect to get a visit from law enforcement on Halloween.

Dubbed “Operation Scarecrow II,” officers from the Department of Public Safety, Parole and Probation and Investigation divisions are conducting a joint statewide operation to monitor Tier Level 2 and Tier Level 3 sex offenders on Oct. 31.