Past headlines 11/02 |

Past headlines 11/02

Headlines from a year ago:

Victim in party shooting dies

Luis Martin Saavedra-Silva’s heart, kept beating for six days by a machine, could support him no longer. Just after noon on Wednesday the 20-year-old father of two succumbed to injuries from a gang-related shoot-out Friday night in northeast Carson City.

Both police and family agree that the handsome, curly headed man from Guadalajara was not a gang member. It appears he just got caught in the crossfire.

Update: No suspects have been arrested in the shootings.

The gamble, the injured heart and fears for her children

When Penny Russell drops off her son and his friends at school, or takes the children to a 4-H event, she goes without her fake breast and wig.

When her own brown hair started to grow back after six months of chemotherapy treatments, she left the “too hairy” wig in a closet beside the “uncomfortable fake boob.”

“You stop worrying about people staring at you, or what you’re going to look like – who cares?” Russell said. “Being more comfortable outweighs everything else.”

Update: Breast Cancer Awareness Month concluded Oct. 31.