Past Headlines 11/07 |

Past Headlines 11/07

Headlines from a year ago:

Dayton development disaster leads to lawsuits

Dayton Valley Road development fiasco triggers lawsuits, land sale

A Lyon County businessman who ran out of money before he could build the first shopping center on Dayton Valley Road is selling his land and suing the county he believes is responsible for his ruin.

“I’m just tired,” said Mike Walker, owner of Dayton Valley Floral and Nursery. About two years ago he planned to develop the Como Gardens shopping center adjacent to his nursery. “They (Lyon County officials) wore me down and hurt me.”

He said the county cost him time, which caused his debts to accumulate. Walker alleges that it all started with a pie-shaped piece of land that he needed to complete the $14 million shopping center.

Update: The property is for sale.

Gov. Guinn proposes 6 percent raises for state workers

Gov. Kenny Guinn’s proposed budget for the coming two years will include a total of 6 percent in raises for state workers and teachers.

Cost of living raises of 2 percent the first year and 4 percent the second would cost a total of $256.2 million over the biennium. But Guinn said they are necessary to match inflation and keep good employees in state government and the schools.

That and a $25 million appropriation in the second half of FY 2009 to begin funding all-day kindergarten are highlights of the governor’s proposals for the executive budget he will leave to his successor in January.

Update: The budget signed by Gov. Jim Gibbons in June, includes pay raises of 2 percent next year and 4 percent in the following year for state workers, teachers and classified employees in the university system.