Past headlines 11/09 |

Past headlines 11/09

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Smoking ban irks some, others breathe a sigh of relief

Let them fine me, dedicated smoker says

The winds of change are blowing through Nevada – and taking with them the cigarette smoke that circulates inside many Carson City bars.

Starting Dec. 8, smoking will be banned in bars that serve food and in restaurants, in addition to several other public and retail buildings. Approved by voters Tuesday, the ban came as a shock to some business owners who worry what the restriction will do to their customer base. Public officials are unsure about penalties for defiance, or who will enforce the ban. Non-smokers are savoring the day when their meal won’t come with a side of second-hand smoke.

Nearly 60 percent of Nevadans turned out to vote

Overall, 583,915 Nevadans went to the polls in this election. That is 58.78 percent of those registered. The lowest turnouts were in Clark County – 55.75 percent – and the Las Vegas bedroom communities of neighboring Nye – 57.59 percent.