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Past headlines

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Wasps disrupt classes at WNCC

It took something no bigger than a thumbnail to disrupt about 80 classes at Western Nevada Community College on Thursday.

The Cedar Building, which houses Marlette Hall, was closed Wednesday afternoon after it was discovered that the second and third floors were serving as the home for between 50-60 wasps and yellow jackets.

Disabled teen advocates for change

For many Carson City residents, using the bus system is as easy as waiting at the stop at the right time and climbing aboard. For 16-year-old Jared Dempsey, it’s a challenge that requires an assistant.

Jared has cerebral palsy and uses a motorized wheelchair. His mother is teaching him to travel independently, a task made more difficult by bus stops that are inaccessible to wheelchairs. Transit officials say they have just started working on the problem, which the Dempseys say they’ve found at several bus stops around Carson City.

Update: In the past year, an accessible stop has been added near Raley’s along with three new shelters that are ADA compliant along Route 3: two on Curry Street and one on Little Lane. A concrete pad that will allow for wheelchair maneuverability was added this last week at the Carson City Senior Citizens Center, according to city transit officials.