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Past headlines

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ADA-accessible stops could be a problem throughout the city, official says

Transit officials will begin evaluating wheelchair accessibility at all Carson City bus stops following a complaint from a 16-year-old teen with cerebral palsy.

Patrick Pittenger, city transportation program manager, said Friday that Jared Dempsey, who uses a motorized wheelchair, will have an accessible bus stop added in front of his home. But the hard part will be determining if every bus stop in Carson City is wheelchair accessible.

Update: In the past year, an accessible stop has been added near Raley’s along with three new shelters that are ADA compliant along Route 3: two on Curry Street and one on Little Lane. A concrete pad that will allow for wheelchair maneuverability was added this last week at the Carson City Senior Citizens Center, according to city transit officials.

Raising a windmill

A 20-foot windmill stands above the Hundriesers’ Douglas County home, when only a few days ago it was broken and bent upon the ground.

“Last night was my first good night’s sleep,” said Ken Hundrieser, after spending two hours, and $375, to raise the galvanized-steel windmill back into place Thursday.

When the lawn windmill came crashing down Oct. 19, Hundrieser, 74, nearly started crying, his wife said.