Past Headlines Oct. 3 |

Past Headlines Oct. 3

Headlines from a year ago:

Sellers faced with longer time on the market and lower sale price

Fewer Carson City homes sold in August than a year ago, according to a database for Realtor sales. The data also shows houses are spending more time on the market and costing 11 percent less than a year ago.

The median cost of a single-family home in August was $309,000, compared to $348,500 the previous year. Real estate agents call this a buyer’s market.

“There are more houses to show and sellers are more negotiable,” said real estate agent Kathy Tatro.

Update: So far in 2007, the average home is selling for $332,213 compared to the average price in 2006 of $345,393, according to the Carson City Assessor’s Office.

Kathy Augustine’s first husband to be exhumed

The body of slain Nevada state Controller Kathy Augustine’s first husband will be exhumed so police can investigate whether he was murdered.

Clark County District Attorney David Roger said Monday that investigators need to determine if Charles Augustine’s remains have traces of a paralytic drug that authorities believe Augustine’s second husband, Chaz Higgs, used to kill Augustine in July.

Las Vegas police homicide Lt. Lew Roberts said investigators would look for inconsistencies in the death of Charles Augustine.

Update: Officials said in May that no evidence of foul play was found in the death of Charles Augustine. Higgs was convicted of first-degree murder in July in the murder of the former controller.